Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mahathir ordered Viet boat people be shot but now wants Rohingyas be saved

MM Online:

At UN, Dr M blasts UN over continued inaction on Rohingya crisis


Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad speaks during an event at the 74th United Nations General Assembly in New York September 25, 2019

Picture via Twitter

NEW YORK, Sept 25 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad criticised the United Nations for its “deafening silence” on the Rohingya crisis.

“It is clear that the Myanmar government is unwilling to take any action to resolve the crisis.

“Therefore, it is left up to us — the international community — to do something about the situation.

“For a start, the UN should play its role, taking into account that it was established in hopes of preventing future human-made miseries. Its silence is deafening,” he said during a high-level side event entitled “Rohingya Crisis — A Way Forward” at the 74th United Nations General Assembly here today.

The prime minister also hit out at Myanmar.

“Let us start by calling a spade, a spade. What happened in the Rakhine State is genocide.

“What took place were mass killings, systematic rape and other gross violations of human rights.

“This resulted in Rohingyas fleeing the country en masse. Most ended up in Cox’s Bazar.

It infuriates, disgusts and nauseates me kaukau to hear this Hypocrite sprout 101% pure grade bullshit.

Mahathir should be the last man on Earth to speak on behalf of the Rohingyas.

Back in June 1979, Mahathir, then as DPM Malaysia, was reported as having sent back to sea about 500 Vietnamese boat people (refugees) who fled a new communist regime in South Vietnam and who landed on the eastern coast of peninsular Malaysia.

There were other reports which said as many as 2,500 refugees had been forced by an extremely hostile DPM to leave Malaysia's shores after having brave the perilous sea journey (of storms and pirates) in leaky boats across the South China Sea to Malaysia.

His notoriety became world-infamous when he declared Malaysia would tow all the Vietnamese boat people from the shores of peninsular Malaysia out to sea again.

New York Times reported:

Mahathir was also said to have asserted that orders would be given to shoot on sight any refugees trying to land on Malaysian shores. The remarks were attributed to the Deputy Prime Minister by reporters who interviewed him as he left a meeting of civil servants.

His reported remarks brought many expressions of concern from overseas. Secretary General Kurt Waldheim of the United Nations urged Malaysia to continue to provide temporary asylum while international efforts to obtain permanent homes for the refugees were being pursued. A State Department spokesman said the United States “would deplore any actions that would lead to the deaths of refugees.”

And here today we have Malaysia's Shame, the World's Most Notorious Hypocrite & Racist weeping crocodile tears over the Rohingyas.

Worse, he has just eff-ed up several UN-sanctioned/approved refugees by ignoring extraditing them back to the hungry angry waiting arms of the police of their respective homelands - for more, see

Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch, stated of his on-off behaviour in extraditing Praphan Pipithnamporn, an already UNHCR-recognised asylum seeker, back to Thailand to face (no escape from) the country's draconian lèse-majesté laws for peaceful anti-monarchy activity during the birthday memorial for the late King Rama IX:

Praphan Pipithnamporn 

Malaysia’s flouting of international law has placed a Thai activist at grave risk of arbitrary detention and an unjust prosecution in Thailand. Malaysian authorities have an obligation to protect asylum seekers like Praphan from being forcibly returned to the risk of being persecuted for their peaceful political views.”

Remember also the Egyptians and Turks (Arif Komis and his family) extradited by Mahathir? And you know what Mahathir said on Arif Komis and his family?

Mahathir said Malaysia was not aware of any risks faced by Komis or his family on their return.

“I don’t know about torture in Turkey. Are we going to accuse Turkey of torture? Do you have proof?” Mahathir said.

“He has a passport of Turkey, so you go back to Turkey.”

And pray tell me what he has said of sending Zakir Naik back to India to face charges on alleged money laundering?

When asked about Zakir Naik on 10 June, the eff-ing kerbau-ing Hypocrite was reported as saying:

"Zakir in general feels that he is not going to get a fair trial (in India)."

In bizarre contrast to Praphan Pipithnamporn and Arif Komis, he refuses to extradite an Indian national, Zakir Naik, who is wanted by Indian authorities for alleged criminal activities, even to the extent of insulting India's legislation, courts and PM - officials of a friendly fellow Commonwealth nation. 

No one can beat Mahathir in sheer hypocrisy, thick skin, bullshit, evil and wickedness.


  1. wakakaka, lks has gone over the dark side, we can't rely on him anymore, you take over his place and give the forked tongue black mamba hell, no one takes him seriously anyway in the world stage, this is solely for the home audience, those zakir naik followers will gawk in awe


  3. Some world leaders/politicians are a bundle of contradictions ad inconsistencies! Their policies are flawed and their thinking is based on convoluted logic. What cannot be cured, should be endured!!