Monday, September 23, 2019

Hong Kong violence for violence sake

Extracts from Bangkok Post:

Hong Kong protesters vandalise subway station

Sha Tin MTR station is seen littered with debris on Sunday in Hong Kong. (AP Photo) 

HONG KONG: Protesters in Hong Kong vandalised a subway station Sunday, smashing surveillance cameras and electronic ticket sensors, as pro-democracy demonstrations took a violent turn once again.

The protesters used hammers to knock the ticket sensors off gates and spray-painted and broke the screens of ticket machines, using umbrellas to shield their identities.

The late afternoon attack on Shatin station came as a protest at which protesters folded paper “origami” cranes was winding down at a mall connected to the station. Riot police arrived after the attack and guarded the station after it was closed, with a metal grill pulled down to block entry.

Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests, now in their fourth month, have often descended into violence late in the day and at night. A hardcore group of protesters says the extreme actions are needed to get the government's attention. On Saturday night, police used tear gas and rubber rounds against protesters who threw gasoline bombs toward them and set fires in streets.


  1. the hker is too mild, they shd imitate what the communist did when they yet to rule china.

    1. Why cherry pick ? Why not Hong Kong Protesters imitate what Chiang Kai Shek did during that era ? Or if same-time frame is immaterial for you, then these Protesters should imitate all those League of 8 Nations from the West who descended upon China to plunder and pillage til kingdom come...opium anyone ? OCBC...orang cina bukan cina

    2. y imitate cks that deprived the chinese right to democracy n rule of law? y not imitate the communist that was once struggke for peoples plight n rights? cbs....cina buta sejarah

    3. Mfer, who r u to say that the Chinese right to democracy & rule of law r been deprived?

      Yr Formosa inspired rotten garden eggs!

      Only a cina but search f*ck would dare to make such a declaration!

      Ooop… perhaps in yr 岩里政男 styled history, RIGHT?

    4. "democracy n rule of law" ?

      As in the demon-crazy in the US system controlled by the Oligarch ? hahahaha

      Are we really pretending that America forcing 'demoncracy' onto every resource rich nation so that they can install a puppet government, is NOT authoritarian or is actually following the Rule of Law ?

      Is regime change so that every nation CONFORMS to the US model, democratic and NOT authoritarian ?

      Is not sanctioning the WHOLE WORLD against countries ONLY America has issues with, really democratic and NOT authoritarian ?

      Is not collecting 534 million recorded phone messages of its citizens a year, really democratic and following Rule of Law ?'s not OK because these surveillance activities are in violation of the privacy safeguards established by the Congress and the US Constitution !

      Gimme a break with the hypocrisy....Poorah !

  2. So.e of the "very , very violent protesrord" have been exposed as policemen acting as Agent Provocateurs and False Flag operators.