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The "rich" Chinese girl that Bapak Kasut Hitam should know


Yoursay: Student with four part-time jobs is why Harapan should focus on the poor

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YOURSAY | ‘Students are poor because the parents are poor. Address the root cause.’
Apanakdikato: My hats off to Ong Ke Shing and other Malaysian students who are struggling like her to support not only their studies but their families as well. No deserving student should have to go through such financial difficulties during their studies.
This is the time when they should be focusing on their studies. I believe that students like Ong will eventually be very successful in life because of their fortitude, resourcefulness and sheer diligence.
In well-governed countries like Singapore, students like her are able to apply for bursaries to help them fund their studies, and they just need to serve the country in the public or private sector for a number of years upon graduation.
Ong’s story just goes to show that Malaysia is a failed state even after 62 years of independence.
Headhunter: Ong Ke Shing is the type of student who should be given help. Giving out scholarships based solely on examination results is not right.
Those who are determined to succeed but who don't have the financial means should also be considered. They certainly will make a more productive workforce than those who don't have to struggle.
And even worse is giving scholarships based purely based on race. This is a totally unacceptable policy no matter how one look at it. More than 60 years of affirmative action has shown that the policy is unproductive, non-competitive and it divides the nation by race.
We are angry with those who initially mooted the idea because they destroyed a nation which otherwise would have been one of the best in the region, if not the world.
Gaji Buta: Students are poor because the parents are poor. Address the root cause. The symptom will not go away if the root cause continues unless the plan is to feed students forever.
Anonymous_1529214566: I salute this batch of students. You will be rewarded someday. Ministers should stop their infighting and devote some attention to these students. Enough of flying cars and religion.
Malaysiakini, thank you for highlighting this matter. For corporations near to these universities, please offer them part-time jobs with flexible time. And ministers, please do some serious work.
Open Mind: This article is truly an eye-opener for most people. Most believe that university students are not that poor as not to be able to afford two decent meals a day. There may be a small percentage from poor families who are struggling to make ends meet.
These people should be given help by the university or the government through appropriate channels.
Anonymous_1529214566: It is already at the start of Pakatan Harapan’s second year as the government and things are still like this.
Harapan only wakes up a bit whenever there is a by-election coming up. Otherwise, it is SNAFU - situation normal, all fouled up.
My point is, can our Harapan ministers do something to help all poor students, from primary to university, and all races?
Anonymous_1528810684: Didn't one of our ministers say that the Chinese are all rich?
The reality is that we non-Malays have to work hard for everything, especially for places in public universities and then work part-time to pay for the fees.
But many of us are smart enough to leave our beloved country. This is not because we are not patriotic. It is because we don't want our children to suffer the same fate.
Anonymous_74a4f2f6: Don’t look down on hard life and hard work. It will bring you very far in the future. All those seemingly well fed and students with an easy life will ultimately fail even if they may appear to be passing everything currently.
Even God will not be able to stop anyone who works hard. Believe me, as I have gone through such difficulties. I am now successfully running my own business and employing youngsters, and I always tell them this:
“No government can help a candidate who does not work hard. All these race-based quotas are not going to work in the end. Only those who have worked hard will know how to appreciate anything.
“They will survive any waves and thunder which hits them as their core is very strong. God is great, and never feel let down by a hard life.”
David Dass: It is so sad to hear these stories. There are so many of them. The student leaders are showing great intuitive and also transcending racial boundaries.
The government should seriously re-think prestige projects like East Coast Rail Line (ECRL), flying car and the third national car and focus on the needs of the poor. We have too many poor people in our midst.
Babylon: Ong is an exception to the lazy, spoon-fed, perpetual texting, smart ass youngsters that believe life (or papa) owes them a living.
This is the norm and I have been an employer for over 25 years, and I see this very clearly.
Anonymous 2034511447517915: Sorry to say this but if you open your eyes wide and look around, you will know that while studies are important, as a girl, the reality is that all you need to do is just marry a rich man and become a rich housewife.
As a good mother, you will take care of the family and your rich husband will take care of everything else. 
God created women in such a way so that they will not have to compete in society with men and face a lot of struggles. Enjoy life because it is short and get your husband to take you travelling all over the world.
Wira: This girl is admirable. She didn't complain and protest despite her sad condition. Yes, she is more likely to succeed in life.

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  1. I hate to say this but when MCA had some power, they really did help the Chinese students.

    1. thats what mca do, give 20 sendiri telan 2000. dap lagi teruk, reduce 20 to 0.20 than give to mahathir.