Wednesday, September 18, 2019

It's not Azmin treachery but Mahathir's wicked evil


Yoursay: Azmin at the ‘wrong’ party meeting

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YOURSAY | ‘I was wrong! Yes, I am first to admit that I was a big supporter of Azmin…’
Anonymous #33227154: What happened to the PKR deputy president Azmin Ali's sex video? What is the result of the police investigation?
It seems that the scandal is all but swept under the carpet. Simply because Azmin is Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's blue-eye boy and Bersatu wannabe?
It's clear that Azmin, PKR vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin and their gang are traitors to PKR and to the people who voted for them. They subscribe to Bersatu's racist agenda and want to join the party with the most power.
Anonymous_2679c6e5: This confirms everyone’s speculation that Mahathir is trying to strengthen Bersatu by splitting PKR, which is the biggest component party in the ruling coalition, and weakening DAP, which is the second biggest component party.
What else is there to deny?
OceanMaster: It was supposed to be a simple smash-and-grab to split PKR, a multiracial party, since PKR together with DAP has the potential to change Malaysia into a just and fair nation.
That is not something the old man can digest as it runs against his ideology of racial supremacy.
The plot perhaps was rolled out within days after May 9, 2018 by offering and promising the weakest link, aka Azmin, a high cabinet post and placing him as a potential PM.
The plan has gone badly wrong now with Azmin's sex video. At this juncture, Azmin's political career is all but over. While Mahathir is probably still hatching his plan B, he is keeping Azmin around. No harm doing that for now.
Anonymous 133971438080786: Yes, the old man is back to his dirty game. He is now more interested to increase numbers in Bersatu so that he can remain PM longer.
Even a sex-tainted Azmin is welcome to join Bersatu. We hope the old man will leave soon. People are getting fed up.
I hope PKR president Anwar Ibrahim will take note of this old man’s dirty game. Mahathir cannot be trusted any longer.
Mazilamani: What difference will it make if Azmin moves to another party?
Well, his new party will have an extra parliamentary seat, but will it bring favourable political and economic changes to the country?
Azmin is merely "moving" to safeguard his position and be in the good books of the PM. Others may also “defect”. PKR may be weakened. But will Mahathir care?
JW: Mahathir, you can downplay it all you want but nobody believes you anymore. It is getting clearer by the hour that Azmin will join Bersatu.
For one, Azmin has stopped attending PKR meetings. Worse yet, he is no longer interested in interacting with his party leader, Anwar, anymore.
Indeed, Mahathir, based on your past behaviour, you tended to do things opposite of what you said.
Azmin is just waiting for the right time to defect to Bersatu. And Azmin will get some of the PKR members to join him, such as party vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin. And the right time is when he challenges Anwar for PM-ship with the blessings of Mahathir.
Caripasal: Azmin's heart is already in Bersatu. He has long abandoned PKR by not attending party meetings in his capacity as the deputy president.
Anwar is still the PM candidate for Pakatan Harapan even if Azmin joins Bersatu (or PAS or Umno). Anyway, it is really nothing surprising coming from Bersatu as they had accepted “rubbish” from Umno after May 9.
Fairplay: If this is true, this may the last-ditch attempt by the old man to make Bersatu the predominant partner of Harapan since he was unable to bring in the expected number of MPs from Umno.
Once Bersatu has more MPs than PKR and DAP, by extension, all future PM would come from Bersatu and Azmin might succeed him, if the old man has his way.
Anwar and DAP leader Lim Guan Eng and Amanah leader Mohamad Sabu, please take note. Don’t be caught (politically) with your pants down.
And Justice For All: With Azmin and Zuraida joining Bersatu, Bersatu will have the lion's share of ministerial posts despite being the smallest party in parliament (excluding the party hoppers, of course).
It will not be conventional, neither will it be fair to PKR, for the party with the most seats in Harapan to accept this situation. Also, DAP will also not accept this situation being one of the original members of Harapan.
Kangkuong: I was wrong! Yes, I am first to admit that I was a big supporter of Azmin when his rival, Rafizi Ramli, was throwing everything and the kitchen sink at him during the PKR elections.
I didn't like Rafizi's big mouth, chest-thumping and 11,000 suspicious Julau voters. I admired Azmin's quiet professional public persona. And it turns out to be just a façade.
His alleged gay life is not the issue (let's face it, many more of us have had M2M, or male to male, encounters than we care to admit, myself included).
But the difference is we are not politicians, do not tweet from Mecca, flirt with PAS, sing Allah almighty, family values, and all the hypocrisy.
It's his dishonesty with his alleged gay sex encounter with Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz, the cover-up and backdoor dealings with Bersatu that turns me and many of his supporters away.
Guuunner: For those who voted and supported Azmin and Zuraida’s camp during the party election and criticised Rafizi for campaigning heavily against them, now you know.
If they have another party election, I’m sure Azmin and Zuraida will lose.
Clever Voter: Party hopping is common in major economies. It's no big deal. Azmin is ambitious. Despite attempts to derail him, he has emerged without a single scratch.
The PKR leadership has been very subdued despite much noises, but then again, it's a waiting game. All of these are nonetheless distraction, and the sooner these ambitious characters put their house in order, the better.
Mahathir is happy to welcome anyone into the party as Bersatu is a minority within the ruling coalition, and one should be reminded of this.
Anonymous 770241447347646: The question of Azmin joining Bersatu should not even be raised.
Mahathir should not even encourage it. It is like stabbing your own coalition partner. Mahathir, if he wants to show leadership qualities, should first uphold his principles.
The question of receiving members from the opposition is already unpopular, what more from a coalition partner. This is the work of traitors.


  1. to insinuate that maddy was the evil hand that dragged his blue eyed boy through the sewer and in the process destroyed his reputation just to get his factions on board and once on board reveal the police report is the thinking of a toddler still on diapers, would anyone endure such humiliation and still take it lying down

  2. azmin is great, left right secular religious front back all can kautim.

    1. This sort of so-called analysis is so ANAL, lol

      Tak faham ke what is play acting...all senyum senyum kambing...big hypocrites with fake smiles splitting their fat faces...while daggers are sharpened and on the ready behind their backs...What did Ah Mok's sifu Rpuki said about the Malays .... main politics is the Malay's forte, the Chinese are like children in politics, still sucking their thumbs. Rpuki should know better right ? All dirty tricks, sabotage masters, betrayals, cakap tak serupa bikin, zero integrity and principals, incredible endless greed, robbers par excellence....