Monday, September 09, 2019

US-China trade war? Azmin Tok-Kok

Sun Daily:

Malaysia upbeat on new round of US-China trade talks: Azmin

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia looks forward to a positive and constructive outcome of the new round of the United States (US)-China trade talks in early October which is aimed at ending the tariff war between the world’s two largest economies.

In a statement, Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali (pix) said the ongoing trade war between the US and China is detrimental to the interests of all nations, more so in the case of smaller economies.

“Rather than taking a unilateral position on this, we look forward to a positive and constructive outcome when the world’s two largest economies return to the negotiating table in early October,” he said.

At the same time, Malaysia must continue to strengthen its relationship with its Asean partners and pursue synergistic collaboration with both China and the US.

Malaysia believes in working within such a multilateral framework is the best way going forward for the benefit of all, he said.

After being chided by Anwar Ibrahim for attempting to dismiss and run away from the reality of Malaysia's poverty rate, our King Dwarf tok-kok a la TIN KOSONG.

What a useless kerbau-ing so-called Economics Minister. Nothing achieved thus far from this Mahathir-appointed minister.

And what the hell is happening to police investigation into the gay sex video?


  1. The sex video is an unnecessary side-show distraction from important national matters.

    However, it is certainly true that Azmin Ali has nothing to show after more than 1 year in his powerful portfolio.

  2. y let all tis no substance stupid handle finance n economy? must be a equally stupid chief.

  3. Obviously, mamak has once again picking the wrong choice of people!

    Dwarfs r supposedly better at working underground than the intertwined modern economic affairs. The worst part is his team of 'economic' advisors r equally blurred!

    Thus, most of the actual economic policies r mentioned by mamak. Since he has nonsense M. Abdul Khalid as his REAL economic advisor. The problem is mamak has to consider too many tongkat factors to avoid instant revolt by the melayu masses if he would have to listen to Khalid in total!