Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Lim Father & Son but not Holy Ghost - inappropriate people to ameliorate racial boycott issue


In boycott row, BN big guns fire away at Lim and son

Najib Razak, former Umno president, and Wee Ka Siong, president of MCA.

PETALING JAYA: Two prominent Barisan Nasional politicians took aim at the DAP chiefs today in a continuing row over a campaign to buy Muslim-made products, which has been interpreted as a boycott of non-Muslim made goods.
Former Umno president Najib Razak said Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng of the DAP are the “most inappropriate people” to be the face of the government’s efforts to squash the campaign. He said Pakatan Harapan was making a “big mistake”.
Kit Siang was once accused by Dr Mahathir Mohamad (in his previous term as prime minister) of being the most racist person in the country, said Najib, while Guan Eng had described formal ties between PAS and Umno as amounting to a “declaration of war” on non-Malays. (Lim had later amended the statement to a warning that the union of the two Malay parties could target non-Malays.)
MCA president Wee Ka Siong posted a strongly-worded video tonight lambasting Guan Eng for his criticisms of purported MCA inaction, and urged Lim to “go back to school” for not understanding what he had said. He said Lim should not “make up stories” and asked if he did not like it that people were living in harmony.
Najib accused the DAP of “intentionally wanting to promote the campaign so it can be made into a racial political issue” to win back support among non-Muslims, after the DAP had come under severe criticism over issues such as the introduction of Jawi calligraphy lessons in vernacular schools, and speeches by the controversial preacher Dr Zakir Naik.
Najib noted that Kit Siang and Guan Eng belonged to the same party as Nga Kor Ming, who in March, had branded the PAS-Umno collaboration as akin to the Taliban of Afghanistan taking over the country.
“Find other leaders like Nurul Izzah (Anwar) or Wong Chen (both of PKR) to be the voice of the critics,” Najib said. “Why find Kit Siang and Guan Eng?”
The buy Muslim-made products first campaign began on social media recently, with the Bumiputera community urged to avoid buying products made by businesses owned by non-Bumiputeras.
Lim had attacked PAS and Umno leaders earlier today who “continue to lend support to this divisive and destructive campaign”. He had also taken the MCA and MIC to task for not “daring to raise their objections directly to their political masters in PAS and Umno”.
But Wee said he had already issued a statement on Sept 2 condemning “irresponsible” groups who had called for the boycott. “If you didn’t read (it), that’s not my fault,” he said.
He said Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had told him that Umno was not behind the boycott.
If those behind the boycott had committed a wrong, then action should be taken. “If this is considered to be economic sabotage, then take action against them because you are in power now.”
However, Muslims were only exercising their prerogative if they decided to be prudent and only buy halal products.
“If you take that to mean they are boycotting things, then I’m sad. I feel you have to go back to school and resit for SPM so you pass or… get merit (‘kepujian’) in SPM Bahasa Malaysia.”
Wee also reminded Lim of his two challenges for a debate over the Penang tunnel issue, and his challenge of Lim’s qualifications as an accountant. He said he had not been slapped with a lawsuit over the latter issue.


  1. What a lot of crappy commentary.
    If Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng kept quiet , they would be accused of being beholden to Mahathir/Pribumi, dare not speak up, and not standing up for the Chinese community.

    They speak up, and Wee Wee says they are "inappropriate"

    Wee Wee and MCA are , of course, being true to form as UMNO toadies.
    Dare not voice any opposition to UMNO's complicity in the boycott movement - camouflaged as a "Buy Muslim" campaign".

  2. Kinda strange for former and current leaders of one-race parties (UMNO and MCA) to accuse leaders of a multi-racial party (DAP) as racists.

  3. The 60% Malaysian Malay/Muslim consumers is an economic force indeed. Thus, it is the Nons fear of Malays/Muslims buying only visceral ABC (Asalkan Bukan Cina) products.

    1. When there r massive layoff of workers caused by the ABC boycott, then the Malays/Muslims WOULD then realise ABC actually means asalkan human cendu!

    2. Will Holy Hadi give up his sleek Toyota Vellfire ?

    3. on the contrary, the nons do not fear abc as you put it, not all malays think alike, only in your dreams they do, some are more discerning, in actual fact we encourage this because in a way it will make the malays work harder, it acts as an accelerator and multiplier for our economy, a product does not materialise and sells itself, it needs raw materials, marketing, logistics, advertising etc, but if its a boycott then it makes everyone looks stupid to the outside world especially the malays for boycotting their own made in Malaysia products

    4. Don't expect the zombies to understand what u have said about marketing economy.

      Worst still, the blurred ketuanan freaks think that ABC would keep the money circulating within their hive!

      Wakakakaka… go on lah. A still pond will eventually be depleted of any living thing due to lack of outside infusion of competition.

      U people r not born to be competitive & meme-ed into behaving like crabs caught within a bucket. Everyone of the bottom feeders will pull those who r making an attempt to climb up the bucket wall.

    5. may I suggest you tone down your bigoted commentaries wakakaka

    6. a honest bigot n racist? wakaka

    7. Bigoted?

      Which part that I have said ISN'T been said &/or repeated by the zombies/ketuanan freaks/blur-sotongs themselves?

      Ooop… the Nons have no say in relation affairs, right?

      Right !!! If they do them within their them & don't pull the WHOLE country down with their silo temerarious fart!