Sunday, September 15, 2019

Serial Betrayer Azmin in the Final Betrayal?

Extracts from Malaysiakini (Francis Paul Siah opines):

Right now, the nation is caught is what has been perceived as a tug-of-war between Anwar and his deputy in PKR, Mohamed Azmin Ali, for the premier’s post.

We know that both men are ambitious and dying to be prime minister. We also know that only one man can get the job, while the other has to wait his turn.

The thing is, overly ambitious politicians are unable to see what we outsiders can clearly view.

In this case, I can agree with DAP lawmaker Ronnie Liu, who recently said that Azmin should realise he does not stand a chance of becoming prime minister over Anwar.

This, he said, is because the majority faction in PKR, as well as Amanah and DAP, are backing Anwar as the next prime minister.

Azmin was just the private secretary to Anwar when he was deputy prime minister. I believe that a private secretary’s post is equivalent to that of a chief clerk and below that of a political secretary in seniority.

If a clerk cannot wait for his boss to fulfil his ambition to be prime minister, then I sense something is not right somewhere.

At 54, Azmin is also 18 years younger than Anwar. He has all the time in the world. Patience is the keyword here.

Wakakaka, but Azmin Ali has not been patient at all. Whilst Anwar was languishing behind bars, Azmin must have realised that in the Kingdom of the Blind, he the One-Eyed Dwarf was King. And hey man, he wants to be King, wakakaka again.

Yes, I guess that was when his ambitions overtook his loyalty to Anwar.

I notice he started his less-than-faithfulness to Anwar during a PKR intra-party elections in late 2010, which I posted in The Poison within PKR - Part III - I had then written:

In spite of my hero Karpal Singh condemning Zaid, I have written in support of the latter – see my previous post Zaid Ibrahim - suffers no fool gladly.

When Zaid Ibrahim was in PKR at the time leading to the party polls (before he tossed his hat into the election ring) he was criticised for being erratic because one moment he said he would not challenge the deputy presidential post IF (initially) Nurul Izaah took up the challenge*, then IF (subsequently) Khalid Ibrahim did so, and the next (when both didn’t) he took up the challenge.

* Azmin Ali went into a panicky tizzy when Nurul casually mentioned her interests in the deputy president post, and ‘advised’ Nurul against it because people would talk. Bet you Anwar had a few private words with Nurul - at that time, Azmin was still Anwar's blue-eyed boy

The standard anwaristas' cries against Zaid Ibrahim were his inconsistencies (in supporting Nurul, then Khalid, before standing as a candidate himself), and their accusations unimaginatively attacked Zaid for his lust for power.

But I didn’t see any inconsistency in Zaid’s manoeuvrings. In fact there was a very consistent objective in his support for firstly, Nurul, and subsequently for Khalid Ibrahim, before he personally challenged Azmin Ali in the party election. That objective was to prevent Azmin Ali from coasting home on an Anwar-provided free ticket into the deputy president post. Zaid wanted Azmin Ali stopped!

Yes, Zaid was invincibly against Azmin Ali, the man for whom Anwar Ibrahim instructed Nallakaruppan to stand aside in a party VP contest some years back, and which drove Nalla out of the party in angry frustration. Nalla would have easily won that VP position because of the strength of his Indian supporters in PKR.

Zaid Ibrahim saw Azmin Ali for what he (Azmin) was and now is. Apart from Zaid's political prescience, a supposedly loyal Azmin would not have discouraged Nurul Izzah (daughter of his erstwhile mentor) from contesting for whatever PKR post she fancied. 

Then in that stupid Kajang Move soon after GE13 in May 2013 for the nebulous purpose of replacing a recalcitrant Khalid Ibrahim as the Selangor MB because the MB was going on his own bat (outside PKR-Pakatan interests) wakakaka, the person supposed to be the new MB for Selangor was Anwar Ibrahim.

But due to inopportune jailing of Anwar on Sodomy II, his wife Wan Azizah Wan Ismail contested that by-election and easily won - she was then supposed to be the new MB Selangor, as PKR and DAP nominated her. PAS, however, did not support her nomination and instead proposed Azmin Ali.

What Azmin Ali should have done as a loyal Anwar man was to decline that PAS nomination in favour of her PKR President. But he didn't and, with HRH Selangor's unexpected and in fact unconstitutional refusal to accept the name who enjoyed "the confidence of the majority of the Selangor DUN" and HRH's personal preference for Azmin Ali, the Dwarf became MB on 23rd September 2014.

But that was not the end of his betrayal of his former mentor and party.

When Mahathir became the 7th PM, he just picked Azmin Ali (already MB Selangor) as the newly created Economics Minister without consultation with PKR. That caught everyone by surprise especially Lim Guan Eng who then realised the Machiavellian Mafulat-ish Mahathir has subtly curtailed his powers as Finance Minister, wakakaka.

what? half my powers taken away? 

OK, shit happened so Pakatan Harapan as the ruling coalition in Selangor wanted Dr Idris Ahmad to replace Azmin as the new Selangor MB. But Azmin, however, nixed that against PKR's nomination and instead picked his own man, Amirudin Shari, to succeed him.

Dr Idris Ahmad

an O&G who graduated from Melbourne University

and a longtime PKR member (since 1998)  

Malaysia-Today posted something quite naughty in why Azmin Ali picked Amirudin Shari - you will have to go across to Malaysia-Today to read that interesting post titled Azmin Ali’s Many Betrayals, wakakaka.

Amirudin Shari, anak buah Azmin Ali 

That was NOT only the second time Azmin hijacked the post of MB Selangor, but also went against PKR nomination - so much for his loyalty to his party president. This happened on top of his move to become Economics Minister without a by-your-leave to his party boss.

Then came the alleged Haziq-Azmin gay sex videos and the unpalatable hurtful and disgraceful "Look at yourself in the mirror" remark by Azmin against Anwar in a very public manner. Obviously discipline was thrown out of the window. Angry frightened desperation reveals a man's true feelings (or a cornered rat's bestial instinct).

His additional betrayal against Anwar was his public support of Mahathir to continue as PM for the full 5 years term, against the understanding within Pakatan that Mahathir will hand over to Anwar after two years.

Azmin even has the brazen treachery to quote his agreement with opposition PAS and UMNO for voicing their support for Mahathir as PM for 5 years, but obviously for their opposition motive of char koay teow-ing Parti Pribumi and PKR into a spicy-hot goreng-sampai-mati condition, wakakaka. Thus Azmin joined in the char koay teow-ing

And then, that secret sinister Mahathir meeting with PAS, UMNO, GPS and a PKR minister but WITHOUT Anwar, Wan Azizah, Mat Sabu, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng - I wonder whether that "someone", to wit, the PKR minister who attended, could have been Teresa Kok? Wakakaka, sorry Sweetie.

Malaysiakini also reported:

In recent weeks, several Bersatu, PKR and PAS personalities have urged Mahathir, 94, to complete a full term. The most prominent among them is PKR deputy president Azmin Ali.

Hardly the behaviour of a prominent PKR man who is also party deputy president, when he knows his party president has been slowly sidelined without even a DPM position.

Can you wonder why Azmin Ali is now so notorious for his alleged serial treachery against Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan?

He certainly shares with Lim Kit Siang dubious associations with the following posters.

And today Mahathir said his party PRIBUMI will consider any application by Azmin Ali to join his PPBM (PRIBUMI).

We knew the final 'betrayal' was when Azmin showed up at a prayer session in conjunction with PRIBUMI's third anniversary on Thursday. In a sea of red PRIBUMI members, Azmin in silver baju stood out like the proverbial (Haziq's?) bola.

But I wonder about 5 issues, namely:

(a) The future of the 'nons' in the Dwarf Faction of PKR (eg. Tian Chua, Xavier Jayakumar). Are they going to be 'associate' non-voting members of PRIBUMI, like what PAS has for its non-Muslim bloc? 

(above) Dark Dwarfs, (below) Pandan Cats

(b) Will Azmin Ali have a political life after the gay sex allegations, police investigation revealed or not?

(c) What will happen to Pakatan as a coalition if Azmin takes (I heard) 20 PKR MPS across to PRIBUMI? Will it spell the end of the Pakatan government?

(d) Or instead, will Azmin challenge Anwar for top position in PKR in a do-or-die leadership tussle?

(e) And what will our loudmouthed Lim Kit Siang do or say with respect to a possible jump by froggie Azmin Ali, or continues to STFU?

Interesting times.


  1. a) add fakebumi in party name help? b) if hadi say ok shd be fine, hadi got direct line to god c) there is no harapan, only mahathir, end or not make no diff, lets the dog seek new master. d) pkr must first learn how to conduct a proper election first, maybe from india? e) the parasite hv to wait for mahathir signal.

  2. Azmin is a mixture of good and bad, he's not the monster that some paint him to be.
    The anti-Azmin group either doesn't realise or refuses to acknowledge; during the long years 1998 - 2004 when Anwar was locked away, Azmin was the key person who kept PKR afloat as an organisation.

    Wan Azizah was the titular head of the party, but she had no interest in the nuts and bolts of the organisation. If not for Azmin ,PKR would have long ago disintegrated as an organised functioning political party.

    The bad part was during Anwar's 2nd round imprisonment 2015 -2018 , when Azmin used the opportunity to build up his own power base as part of his ambition to replace, not succeed, Anwar.
    Lim Kit Siang is well aware of these issues. Expect him to support Anwar as the next PM, but he will not come out condemning Azmin.

  3. Wahahaha....a good drama between Titans

  4. One mountain has no place for 2 lions. One has to go.

    1. Lions??!!

      Pussycats lah.

      The only problem with these cats is the reproduction of epidemic proportion of pussycats, all aiming just to syiok their own ego for doing NOTHING but occupying the jamban unwilling to leave!

  5. Darah daging dengki , as summary of ineptness disguised in the Pkr. As long as madey understood that unless there is no breakdowns in Pkr he is doomed. Likewise his race and religious play cards game ensured Msia's multi racial people never unite as Malaysians. Following the early British formula of DIVIDE AND RULE , mahathir ambitious selfish method will flourish and become more stronger! Wonder when Malaysians will start to realise that everyone here in Msia are human beings first with similar DNA's that proves bondage and relationship from same ancestral. Hence when the realized the real truth and accepts everyone as a family, then the manipulating bastards unable to divide and rule anymore.

  6. "I wonder whether that "someone", to wit, the PKR minister who attended, could have been Teresa Kok?"

    You are getting old liau! Did you imply that Teresa Kok is from PKR?

    1. sarcasm, my dear Peter, sarcasm - have you forgotten already this humorous vent?