Sunday, September 29, 2019

HK protesters should wise up - China rules Hong Kong

Extracts from SCMP:

Protesters have made their point, it’s time to stop

From my home in San Francisco, I read on an almost daily basis of the turmoil that keeps escalating in my homeland, and it saddens me.

First off, I wish to commend all the people of Hong Kong for their protests. It takes courage and determination to conduct your marches in defiance of the police and the government. However, your point is made and it’s time to stop before matters get out of control.

China rules Hong Kong, regardless of the two systems. Voting rights only allow citizens to elect the person who will ultimately follow orders from Beijing.

The communist government wants Hong Kong to thrive, which is why its citizens have more privileges than those of their brethren on the mainland. That is about as good as it’s going to get.

If the protests continue, the People’s Liberation Army will intervene and matters will surely get worse.

[kaytee notes: alternatively and more likely, Beijing will stand aloof and let the protesters destroy Hong Kong, at those young brats' own disadvantage]

Congratulations to the people of Hong Kong for all you’ve accomplished, but please consider what might happen if you push things too far.

Gilbert Bagaman, San Francisco


  1. "*Message to the stupid protesters of Hong Kong*...

    Listen to the speeches by Steve Bannon, Peter Navarro and John Bolton. The US and the collective West have finally woken up to the fact that for 400 years they had dominated the world; grabbed territories wherever they went; exploited resources; enslaved people; they had a good run. First the Portuguese and the Spanish, then the French and finally the Godzilla - Britannica.

    The British Empire ruled by Britain for more than 200 years; then the baton was passed on to a new more powerful member of the Anglo sphere - America. The West finally imploded in WW2 like cowboy bank robbers retreating to the desert and shooting at one another when they failed to agree on sharing the loot.

    Then the Collective West came to their senses and decided enough is enough. They decolonized; set up global institutions; embarked on globalization; promoted free trade; advanced democracy; to prevent another world war.

    The US managed to bring down 3 challengers; first Germany, Japan, then the Soviet Union. But these 3 powers were not on par with the US. Germany had a powerful military but a weak economy. Japan had a powerful economy but it has only less than one third the population of the US. The Soviet Union has an economy about 25% of the US.

    Then came the rise of China under the radar. While the west were distracted first by the Cold War, then the war on terrorism, then the Great Recession. After 30 years, Trump and his hawks finally saw China for what it is, a country with 4 times the US population and twice the population of the Collective West. A country that had copied and improved upon most of the western technologies that had enabled the west to subjugate the world for 4 centuries.
    ( end of part 1 )

  2. part 2...

    "To Bannon its now or never. If the West does not stop China's rise now, there will be no other time. Both the Democrats and the Republicans share this same view. So this is NOT a simple trade war. It won't be business as usual henceforth. It will be a new cold war between the West and China, that will persist for the next 20-30 years.

    Globalization will be scaled back. Newly industrializing countries will face severe headwinds. It's very difficult to become another China. Some said it was China's Belt & Road Initiative that broke the camel's back. This initiative seeks to exclude the US from the grand project linking the Eurasian land mass and will include Russia and Africa.

    The American continent separated by the Atlantic Ocean is excluded. This riled the US and caused it to turn on China with Bannon as the chief ideologue who went on a world mission to demonize China.

    Is US a malevolent power or benevolent power? You be the judge. Until the Civil Rights movement in the early 1960s, the Constitution did not protect the coloured races and black Americans. The country was built on slave labor until their emancipation in 1865. The railroad was built by Chinese coolie labor from Guangdong. When it was completed, Congress promptly passed the Chinese Exclusion Act (name speaks for itself, no explanation needed).

    And the white Europeans settlers committed wholesale genocide of the native Americans (Red Indians). In 1830, at the behest of the 7th President, Andrew Jackson (ex soldier and scoundrel) Congress passed the Indian Removal Act. The white Europeans wanted the rich farming land and the Act said all Indians must be
    relocated to the west of the Mississippi, in spite of treaties guaranteeing the IndIans reservation lands.

    Those tribes that resisted were forcibly removed or killed. One of the tribes that resisted was the Cherokees. Many were killed, the rest were packed off to the Oklahoma territory, then empty waste land. Many resettled Indians died of starvation and diseases in areas where the land and climate were unfamiliar to them.

    And then we have the Middle East and Vietnam where atrocities were committed. Whole sale bombing. Civilian deaths were brushed aside as collateral damage. My God, what a callous dismissal. Then we have the use of agent orange in Vietnam. Until today, 44 years after the Vietnam war, its effects are still be felt by the Vietnamese.

    Amazing that these protesters in Hong Kong are waving the old glory and singing the star spangled banner. Face it stupid Honks, the Americans don’t want you. They are using you a pawn to destabilize China. Wake up, morons!"

    1. Wonderful article. Fxxking HK people deserved to be massacred by the AngMos once their usefulness to them are over and HK laid waste by American bombs

    2. old glory? did the cowboy shoot red indian on the street today? anymore black slave work in the corn farm? any woman and color people being denied the right to vote? did japan germany n soviet created n developed a political system that make the world a better place? the entire article talk as if usa lack introspection n merely interested in power play, however the fact show that view n criticism of govt is protected n not censored in the usa, for eg tis article, it can be published n freely disseminated without fear of reprisal, unlike ccp china. so who to blame if hker look forward the usa as a role model?

      as of today there is no evidence usa involved in the hk affair. usa prefer a free n liberal societ with rule of law, a fair trade without stealing n copying of intellectual property, a system where people can express their political view without fear n being censored etc etc, what china can offer hker except telling them to heed the ccp authoritarian rule? who is a moron? wake up all this ccp ass kisser.

    3. "as of today there is no evidence usa involved in the hk affair. usa prefer a free n liberal societ with rule of law..." bla bla bla

      The fact that virtually every protest leader (including the likes of Joshua Wong, Nathan Law, Edward Leung, Ray Wong...) currently involved in Hong Kong's protests has traveled to Washington DC at one point or another specifically to attend events supporting protests in Hong Kong and the undermining of Chinese sovereignty - or has consorted with US consulate representatives in Hong Kong itself - illustrates the deep, foreign-funded nature of Hong Kong's current unrest.

      Democracy by definition is a process of self-determination - not determined overseas by Washington, London, and Brussels. Whatever it is protesters in Hong Kong are fighting for - it is not "democracy."

      US' vaunted rule of law and democracy....Is it a definition of DEMOCRACY for America to force "democracy" onto every resource rich nation so that they can install a puppet government to get its hand on its riches ?

      Is regime change so that every nation CONFORMS to the US model really democratic ?

      Is sanctioning the WHOLE WORLD against countries ONLY America has issues with really an illustration of DEMOCRACY ?

      Is not creating the IMF, WORLD BANK, WTO, UN, NATO all institutions conforming to Western (American) rules, undemocratic and authoritarian ?

      Is collecting 534 Mil recorded phone messages of its citizens a year OK ?

      No, it's not OK because these surveillance activities are in violation of the privacy safeguards established by Congress and the US Constitution!!! SO WHERE IS THE RULE OF LAW ? Free and liberal society with rule of law my foot ! AND let's not go into their so called 'free and fair' media...

    4. so did usa reciprocate by chanting reformasi in hk? tell me honestly whats yr stance wrt al gore? didnt bersih movement received funding from freedom house, ned etc? y i never read yr complaint at that time? i hope u r not operating on double std like that ck.

      instead of focusing on hker struggle n protest, u broadened yr subject to all yr grievance against usa, usa may not perfect but we learn from history how they began with certain idealistic value enshrined in their constitution by it founding father, that result in being dominance in the current century. however the focal point here shouldn't be usa, it shd be what hker want, i havent read a word from u y hker dont deserve democracy n whats the reason toto b them the right to choose their own leader, if usa/west democracy is not good enough, they need not resemble that of any other, hker shd determine themselves how they want to apply the democracy rights in their model of governanve, for eg, refer back to the basic law n improve on it.

      if chinese r forever not ready for democracy, so be it, but since hker believe they r ready n have the will, who r u n ccp to stop them?

    5. You yourself wrote..." so who to blame if hker look forward the usa as a role model?"

      And then you yourself turn around to ask... "nstead of focusing on hker struggle n protest, u broadened yr subject to all yr grievance against usa,

      What broadening to US ? No 'grievances' against the US...just citing some glaring examples to merely pointing out the kind of demon-cracy as practiced by this 'role-model' US, the sheer hypocritical 'demoncracy' it likes to preach and impose to the whole world but its actions belie unfailingly. So to use the US example as the yardstick is most appropriate. So stop petty nit-picking in such useless manner.

      ".. who r u n ccp to stop them? "

      CCP has every right to stop these rioters ( they are no longer peaceful protesters ). If these minority rioter group wants to live in a different system, like those in the so-called democratic system of the West, then they ought to make every effort to garner support of the majority to convince them of the greatness of a democratic system for 1.4 billion Chinese, not just for the 7 million population of Hong Kong, because Hong Kong is part of China. Rioting and being bull-headed won't get them anywhere.

  3. These HK 废青 should ask themselves a simple question.

    What do they want to get out from their current riots?

    Liberty, freedom & universal suffrage?

    No. These r just the chorus that they have been taught to chant.

    They already have them - thought in limited formats w/o untold restraints under the one country two systems.

    There is NO absoluteness in any human ideology!

    They NEVER think for a second WHAT they actually want! This can be easily deduced by the presence of an exhkie as their leading provocateur.

    A canadian-ized exhkie comes from thousands of mile back to a place she has vowed to give up during her Canadian citizenship declaration.

    What's her take?

    Ain't Canada encompasses the ideas she is provoking the HK 废青 to fight for NOW?

    What's wrong with that Canada dream?

    Could it be bcoz she finally realised that Canada is not what she thought it out to be. She wants an utopia mold by her demoncratic understandings - irrespective of how unrealistic & impractical these idealogies can be!

    The saddest part is she can find blurred youths in HK to resonant with her utopian dream & not those youths in Canada!

    Perhaps there r also elements of outside agents gaming for a lode of idealogical opportunities by providing monetary & paramilitary supports to these frustrated youths constantly been pressure-cooked in an intermediate & materialistic environment of pommie legacy.

    What's a few millions US$ contributing fund when a successful shorting of the HKEx can returns billions. More so, when a past score could be evened.

    What's a few paramilitary tips for the blurred youths when the havocs & chaos created can result in China been termed a ruthless dictator in the current international political gameplay. All her alliances would take a step back in strengthening any further sopo relationship!

    What's a few personal showcases of 'comradeship' to entice the blurred youths so that the politikus/landlords/student leaders can seek fame & monetary funds/no change to land (housing) laws/easy access oversea residency!

    The ONLY losers r these HK 废青!

    1. hker want to elect/vote their leader, not a rubber stamp, is tis against the chinese natural right? n lead to no more peace n harmony if not stopped by ccp n their cohorts?

      nothings wrong exhker dislike canada, just like nothings wrong ccp chinese huawei boss daughter n grandchildren love canada, use a iphone, adopt a caucasian name n attend a anglo school, its their choice.

    2. HY, HK has no such election system - wants it? then change the legislation via procedures, not by throwing weapons at policemen

    3. kt, hk hv basic law wrt election candidates, it was agreed by ccp n deng, n depend on how n who interpret the basic law, it may not be as direct as usa u twn, but its supposed to be much more say from hker as compare to what is implemented by hk liaison office currently. take our consti as instance, is umno interpretation of our constitution the most factual n the ultimate truth? ccp believe party override law, not that diff with umno n to a certain extent, mahathir, if u have no issue with that, then i think u r consistent, so no further reply from me on this topic.

      the one that throw stone n call for independence is a very small percentage which u have the habit to publish n highlight, while me n monster r mostly talk about the general public, which i believe is the majority that prefer a peaceful protest, that anyhow ccp would just disregard though.

      i debate with various chinese, the dissension is twnese/hker talk abt 2 systems while mainlanders stress one country. its not easy to reconcile. msian chinese r mostly ignorant, just like how they used to oppose communist in the 70 n 80 but embrace ccp as if their mother today, normally i just ignore them, but like i said, once a while they deserve a mirror.

    4. basic problem has been HK-ers look down on Mainlanders and thus consider themselves ABOVE their poorer relatives. They don't wnat to be the same but fail to realise that HK has been returned from its Brit colonial annexation and lease to Chinese - to wit, HK is today part and parcel of China. The Basic Law is just a 50-years transitory allowance for HK-ers to get used to Mainland direct rule by 2047.

      The violent opposition/protests against the Extradition Bill (what's wrong with Extradition legislation when most countries all over the world have it) has been just an excuse to bring out their inner fears of becoming completely China.

      Some protesters are raging about vociferously especially in their appeals to the US, Aus, Europe, Canada etc in the hope the'll get a PR visa to their Western Nirvanas. But what about the uncles, aunties and less-English educated relatives working in HK?

    5. para 1 .... i doubt hker still look down mainlanders in absolute term. that might be true 10 or 20 years back, today its more likely a mix of both inferiority n superiority.

      para 2 .... r u not fear if oz become communist or msia turn into islamic state?

      para 3 .... how many is the point. taiwanese youth hv little anglo influence as compare to hk, u go find out how many support ccp? yr dad n their generation still remain in msia but not u, what make u think the hker youth dad mum uncles n aunties is diff? perhaps they all hope the best for their next generation?

    6. Mfer, so u know & yet still want to twist it!

      "HK basic law wrt election candidates, it was agreed by ccp n deng…"

      & yet u knowingly ignore the fact that a political proposal was pushed by Leung Chun-ying(梁振英) in 2014 to have a “one person, one vote” system, but candidates would first need to be approved by a committee.

      That pre-screening was criticised by pro-demoncracy activists, eventually erupting into 79 days of street protests that consumed the city.

      Leung Chun-ying withdrawn the bill layer on!

      So 人鬼两全, play both sides er!

    7. Definitely there is nothing wrong for Canadian to dislike Canada.

      But why that bitch didn't exercise her right to try to play her provocations in Toronto/Vancouver to change the Canadian system she dislike?

      Why, back in HK?

      The fact is - deep down she likes HK the way of the pommie era when she was growing up! Ignoring the facts that she knew nuts about how the pommie treated the HK public as nth class citizen then.

      A typical 贱民 attitude, exhibits as a 狗奴才!

    8. "r u not fear if oz become communist or msia turn into islamic state?"


      R u blind to all the atrocities currently been done by the f*cked jihadists?

      & comparatively to the nth power, what atrocities have the CCP done?

      Vyghur concentration camps?


      At least CCP dares to invite OUTSIDERS to come & see for themselves in Xinjiang. Can it uncle Sam allows a free media to visit the Guantanamo Bay detention camp?

    9. "u go find out how many support ccp?"


      Haven't I told u to seek yr Formosa f*cked head compatriots to find out how many those 太阳花 贱民 now working in Shenzhen/Shanghai/Beijing?

      There was a 2018 survey by Taiwan’s 1111 online job bank, 76 percent of Taiwanese said they would be interested in working in China, citing linguistic and cultural similarities and a stronger economy.

      Or u r going to fart about like to work in China ≠ agree to unification!

      Wakakakakaka… AGAIN

      What make u think the Formosa dad mum uncles n aunties is diff? perhaps they all hope the best for their next generation?

      Thus, all (majority less f*cked head outsider like u) for ONE unification!

    10. Ooop…

      Should have mentioned that Canadian has the right to dislike Canada.

      But naturalised Canadian has NO such right when she put in vows about her loyalty to Canada. She selectively gave up that right when she chose to become a Canadian from as an exhongkie.

      U might want to argue that she is too young to know about that naturalised polemic.

      Wakakakaka… thus the same about what she thought she like the pommie type of administration.

      Bear that in mind, mfer!