Tuesday, October 04, 2005

World's Dream Team

The BBC conducted a poll to find the individuals that people would like to lead a fantasy world government – a dream team, so to speak. Over 15,000 people worldwide, with 50% from the USA, participated in the interactive 'Power Play' game. However, do bear in mind that most participants would be westerners.

The participants chose a team of 11 from a list of around 100 of the most powerful leaders, thinkers and other high-profile people on the planet to run the world. Why 11? The fantasy game was based on a similar soccer fantasy poll.

The winners in order of popularity are as follows:

1 - Nelson Mandela
2 - Bill Clinton
3 - Dalai Lama
4 - Noam Chomsky
5 - Alan Greenspan
6 - Bill Gates
7 - Steve Jobs
8 - Archbishop Desmond Tutu
9 - Richard Branson
10 - George Soros
11 - Kofi Annan

My hero Nelson Mandela came up tops - No, I wasn’t invited to participated ;-) And Bill Clinton achieved a credible 2nd place, so his dalliance with Monica Lewinsky didn't affect his popularity despite the Republican Party's vicious witch hunt.

I am glad that the Dalai Lama and Bishop Tutu have been selected for the Dream Team because both are more world class politicians than religious leaders, and that’s where they belong. Unfortunately for the new pope, he came in at 28th – maybe he’s still new.

Then there are the 5 economic-business-financial giants, namely US Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan, Bill Gates (do I need to introduce him?), Steve Jobs (Apple's boss), George Soros (stock market whiz and Mahathir's bete noir) and Richard Branson (Virgin airlines and records).

I am personally glad that Noam Chomsky and Kofi Annan are in – remember, more than 50% of the participants were from the USA. That should put a damper on those right wingers who hated these two ;-) ;-) ;-) Hey, even Michael Moore was 15th - heheheheheh!

Sorry darlings, no woman was in the top 11. The nearest was Aung San Suu Kyi at the 13th spot while sexy (I think she is) Hillary Clinton was placed at 16th. Fantastic, the Clinton hubby-wife team in the top 16 most popular-competent world leaders.

Tony Blair at 12th position missed the Dream Team – f**k him anyway.

Obviously Dubya didn’t do too badly considering that more than half of the voters were from the USA. He was placed at 43rd (I would have put him outside the top 100, perhaps even at 430th) beating Osama bin Laden who came out 70th (how in the world?).

But Dubya lost out to Castro (36th) and Chavez (33rd) - heheheheheh!

What I like to do now is to have a list called the “Nightmare Team” to reflect the worst possible leaders ever assembled to run the planet Earth. These would be the ar$ehole$ who would create wars, foster hatred, are avaricious, callous, and evil. They must be individuals and still alive. Any recommendations?

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  1. Nightmare team Temoc,

    It would be

    Condoleeza Rice,
    Osama bin Laden
    all terrorists
    and whoever else you fancy for the remaining spots.