Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Brazilian Claimed Reward for Saddam's Capture

Before that Mother of Them All was finally nabbed by the American military after a long hide-and-seek, the US government had offer US$25 million as reward for the whereabouts of Saddam Hussein, just after the Americans occupied Iraq. That was in July 2003. Less than 6 months later, Saddam was captured in a secret bunker near his hometown of Tikrit.

A Brazilian Jucelino Da Luz had been the person who informed the US authorities of the exact location of the secret hideout. So he claimed. Da Luz stated that he provided information right down to the very hole Saddam had taken refuge in.

The Americans have thus far ignored his claim for the $25 million reward. So Da Luz took it to the Brazilian court, who is satisfied that he had indeed provided said information in September 2001, way before Saddam’s capture, in fact about 2 years before the invasion of Iraq itself!

What? Way before … that’s fantastic. But how could a Brazilian living in the Brazilain state of Minas Gerais know where Saddam would be hiding, two years before it all happened?

Simple. Da Luz is a psychic.

Brazil's second-highest court, the Superior Court of Justice said Da Luz sent letters to the US government from September 2001, describing Saddam's future hiding place. It ruled that a court in the psychic's home state of Minas Gerais may judge the case and decide on the claim.

Perhaps President Bush may consult God for advice with regards to the authenticity of the Brazilian claim tonight in one of his regular chitchat sessions with the Almighty?

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