Thursday, October 20, 2005

Aussie Mullah alleged 9/11 a US Conspiracy

Remember that conspiracy theory about thousands of New York Jews mysteriously disappearing (not turning up for work at Twin Towers) on 9/11? Well, here’s another one, but at least the theorist left the Jews out this time.

Melbourne bloke by the name of Sheik Mohammed Omran, a cleric of a rather radical Muslim group, the Ahlus Sunnah Wal-Jamaah Association of Australia, and editor of their newspapers Mecca News, averred that the two Boeing jetliners that crashed into the Twin Towers in fact did not destroy the two buildings.

No sir. It was the US administration who set off controlled explosions to bring them down.

Mind you, in last month's edition Mecca News stated that 9/11 was a complete hoax because the planes did not crash into the buildings, which perhaps would be more difficult to explain because even ole sleepy head KTemoc himself saw in real time (on CNN and NBC) the 2nd plane whacked right into one of those skyscrapers. At that unfortunate time I was surfing the channels and chanced upon the second of the tragic crashs.

Maybe the theorist thinks the controlled explosions (after the crashs) sound more plausible. But it would have required pre-planning and coordination between those Saudi-Egyptian kamikaze blokes and US bomb experts – like "hey buddies, you whack first, then after a short while we’ll press the plunger – so sorry you won’t be around to see the collapse"?

The controlled explosion story is Mecca News’ second part of a campaign to persuade local Muslims that the 9/11 attacks was nothing more than a US-inspired conspiracy, and that Islamic terrorists were not responsible.

The paper has promised Part III, which I will monitor for its creativity. OK, I promise to keep you ardent fans of conspiracy theory informed too.

To conclude, here is an extract of Mecca News editorial to whet your appetite:

With this in mind, AlHamdulillaah, we would like to introduce a breath of fresh air in the field of media and journalism for Muslims in Australia, the ‘Mecca News’ newspaper. A newspaper which will be educational, political, and also entertaining.

I don't know about you guys but I do certainly find it entertaining.

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