Thursday, October 06, 2005

Real Life Alien vs Predator

We have seen Sigourney Weaver’s Alien and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Predator, two of the most popular alien encounters in films. Then the inevitable occurred – we get Alien vs Predator – the title gives the game straightaway the film will be so stupid that I refuse to rent the DVD from the local video shop. Indeed, the critic comment has been that 'Alien vs Predator' is a film made only for those who are gluttons for punishment. However I must admit I have wondered who won.

Then suddenly in the swamps of Florida we get a real case of alien vs predator. There the hugh carnivorous alligators are the real predators. At times they have encountered aliens in the form of Burmese pythons, another carnivorous specie. The latter are imported pets released into the Florida Everglades by bored owners. Some have grown to rather frightening size.

American scientists are rather worried that there have been 4 noted encounters between the two species, usually with the alligators winning. The last one was a spectacular, when a 4-metre python swallowed a still struggling 2-metre alligator, which while in the tummy of the snake, slashed out with its claws and burst open the ophidian’s stomach. The match was considered a draw, with both contestants very dead. See picture here

The scientists worry because they believe the pythons would have been swallowing up a large number of smaller creatures in the Florida everglades. Maybe one might get to the White House before 2008?

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