Monday, October 03, 2005

Coalition of the Screaming

A former US soldier who became famous or rather, infamous throughout the world after photos of her abusing naked Iraqi POWs were published, has revealed that her abuses weren’t the worst. Apparently other Americans exceeded her conduct or misconduct.

Lynndie England, recently sentenced to 3 years jail with a dishonourable discharge (to appease the press and public and protect the US generals who gave the OK to abuse Iraqi prsoners) stated that at least her humiliation of Iraqi prisoners were only that, humiliation, whilst she had heard horrifying screams emanating from cells where Iraqis were tortured.

She is still haunted by those blood curdling shrieks of agony. She mentioned that the tortuers turned the showers full blast to drown out the screams but that didn’t prevent her from hearing the cries of sheer pain and despair.

My granddad told me of how he too heard such screams during the Japanese occupation of Malaya that turned his blood to ice. After the first frightening experience he avoided cycling anywhere near the Japanese Kempetai interrogation centre, one of which was incidentally a church.

And of course the Europeans know all about those same screams rising out of the Gestapo torture cells.

Kempetai, Gestapo and the American military under Bush - the Coalition of the Screaming.

Eat your heart out Saddam Hussein, you ain't the only one who could make Iraqi prisoners screamed.

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