Friday, October 07, 2005

Sexy Persian Hell-Angels

This is terrific. Iranian women can now ride motorbikes. The official approval has been announced.

Mohsen Ansari, the chief of Iran’s traffic police declared “It is not an offence for women to ride motorbikes and they can apply, just like men, for a driving licence and ride while respecting Islamic values”.

Now, you may wonder what Islamic values had to do with the gentler sex riding motorbikes. Well, apparently during the 1979 Islamic Revolution, some mullahs saw our lovely lassies riding bikes in the wind, which gave them humongous hard-ons.

While the sweeties were cruising along, the wind resistance caused their dresses to wrap around clingingly and thus delightfully to their bodies, accentuating their lovely bodily curves in the most yummy manner. Thus it was then deemed that travel by motorbikes for women could 'negate the efficiency of an Islamic dress designed to hide' those wondrous curves.

Maybe Malaysia could export some leather jackets and pants, halal-certified of course, to Iran for those lassies. But on second thoughts, while the leather apparel may not cling to a ladies’ curves, they sure as hell would make the Persian sweethearts look even more sexy as leathered up dominatrices – aaah, give one of them a whip and I’ll be her most willing slave.

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