Friday, October 07, 2005

Man the USA hates Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Mohamed ElBaradei the chief of the IAEA and the organization itself have jointly won the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize.

I smile and rejoice because this was the man the USA under George Bush had attempted to kick out of IAEA by applying political pressure on a number of countries but found to his utter surprise that his threats were ignored. Throughout the American harrassment campaign to oust ElBaradei, the IAEA chief had stood aloof in dignity while the American mad dogs frothed at their mouths.

ElBaradei and Hans Blix had earlier refused to conspire with the USA in the WMD bullsh*t that Bush used as an excuse to invade Iraq. That had infuriated Bush, leading to the American hatred for ElBaradei. Those neo-cons couldn’t tolerate anyone who refused to toe their lying bullsh*t.

By selecting ElBaradei as the worthy winner, the Norwegians have virtually slapped Bush in his face. In your f**king face, President Bush.

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