Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Unnatural Sexual Arousals & Acts

I have just learned a new word paraphilia, which is a form of mental sickness, where the individual achieves sexual arousal only through the involvement of a nonhuman object (like an animal), a non-consenting partner such as a child, or pain or humiliation of oneself or one's partner, or a bizarre situation. These include sadism, masochism, voyeurism, paedophilia, exhibitionism, etc.

The first two, sadism and masochism, commonly termed S&M, refer to a sexual need to, respectively, hurt or be hurt to obtain sexual arousal. There are S&M clubs in western countries where men and (sometimes women) join such clubs to whip/hurt a ‘victim’ or to be whipped/hurt by a domineering master, or a mistress called a dominatrix until they attain sexual nirvana, which we all know as orgasm.

Sometimes I wonder whether I am a sick masochist, somehow always ending up with domineering girlfriends who bullied me – it would appear then that I must be subconsciously welcoming their sadistic treatment of me, and come to think of it now, perhaps I had been subconsciously seeking out such dominatrices ;-)

OK ladies, applications shall be in triplicates please, and you must be able to demonstrate competent use of a mean bullwhip or rotan.

I am sure you guys know what voyeurism and exhibitionism are. Just as a refresher, the former is secretly watching a la a 'peeping tom', someone disrobe or engage in sex. Therefore seeing a striptease show doesn’t count.

The latter is flashing one’s genitals to someone (usually of the opposite sex) unexpectedly – alas, I’ve never encountered a female flasher, though I must confess, I have always hope for such an occasion. But then, wouldn't that render the event as 'expected' rather than 'unexpected' – and technically, would an 'expected'/anticipated viewing of someone's genitals then disqualify that event from being an act of sick exhibitionism in the true sense of the word?

As for paedophiles, if you catch them just cut off their cocks or, to be on the safer (legal) side so as not to be so unlawful, perhaps just kick them in their bloody balls and then hand them over to the police. If they are of the female variety, I’ll leave it to your sadistic imagination to punish them ;-)

Bestiality or sometimes variously referred to as zoophilia or zoosexuality is also a paraphilia – I’ll blog more on this type next, to follow up on my earlier postings of Arrested for F**king Rabbits, Kiwi Rabbit F**ker and F**ked to Death by a Horse.

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