Sunday, October 02, 2005

Muslim Aussies Brace Themselves for Bigoted Backlash

Australia’s Muslim community condemned the terrorist attacks at Bali but are bracing themselves for bigoted backlash. It’s not uncommon for racist extremists to target Muslims or their properties whenever Australians are hurt overseas in Muslim dominated countries.

In the aftermath of 9/11, over in the USA, racist goons even killed and attacked Sikhs, mistakening their turbans as Islamic wear. The level of ignorance amongst those hoons shouldn’t be excuses for their terror activities. Then there was the London bombings resulting in an innocent Pakistani being killed in the UK and vandalism against mosques in New Zealand.

While those racist idiots are a minority the psychological harm to community goodwill can be very damaging.


  1. Oz folks think I'm an American anyway. Who said TV never did you any good. :)

  2. oh the poor little defenceless muslims... I am SO hurt by their sufferings.