Wednesday, October 12, 2005

China 2nd Manned Space Launch

In about 2 hours time, China will launch its second manned space flight. This time there will be two astronauts on board. The lucky blokes are likely to be Zhai Zhigang and Nie Haisheng, though the confirmation of who have been selected from a pool of 6 astronauts are yet to be announced.

They will orbit the Earth for 6 days before returning, hopefully safely, at a site in central Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

For the first time, China will live-telecast the launch, perhaps indicating a higher level of confidence in its success. China has averred that its space missions are peaceful without any weapon programmes planned for the space flight.

However, they admit that two pairs of bamboo chopsticks will be employed by the astronauts, not to fling like deadly darts at ‘enemies’ or aliens a la House of Flying Daggers, but to catch floating char siew pau’s during meal times. For obvious reasons, rice, either steamed or fried, will not be allowed on board.

;-) last paragraph is usual KTemoc’s addition.

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