Friday, October 14, 2005

A Tale of Two Beautiful Women

Both are beautiful Australians and single. Both were caught with drugs in Bali. Both were charged. One has been found guilty and imprisoned for 20 years. Trial of the other is yet to take place. But with that, the similarities end.

One comes from an ordinary family, worked as an ordinary salesperson, had a broken marriage, no current beau, simple and gullible, exploited by the media and unscrupulous people who saw in her, wonderful scope to raise ratings for their show or economic/business opportunities for themselves, without concerns for the consequences of their actions to exploit her predicament. Their grandstanding provocative redneck actions deeply offended the very people who had arrested and would be passing legal judgement on her. Worse, she was attended by lawyers and legal advisors who gave cause for concerns for their legal plans and tactics. And she was totally dependent financially on these very exploiting people, until her own government had to step in (reluctantly) to assist her, only because of political pressure.

The other is a high profile model, a person who has mingled in the upper echelons of the wider world, has a multi-millionaire boyfriend who cares for her, who has employed a battery of the best lawyers to attend to her case. She has been smartly advised to adopt low key and a fawning attitude towards the people who would be passing legal judgement on her. The saga of her incarceration by the authorities has been deliberately blanked out from the press - could it be her advisors included press and PR specialists.

As I mentioned above, her trial is yet to take place but we may all make some intelligent guess that her sentence will be very minimal if she isn't even released with just a mild caution.

I will provide more details later.

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