Friday, October 21, 2005

3000 Qantas Jobs for Malaysia?

Qantas has threatened its engineering unions that it will outsource 3000 jobs overseas because the current product by its engineering staff in Australia is far too expensive and inefficient. KTemoc has heard rumours that Qantas is looking at Malaysia.

Mind you, it's still a threat to wring more concessions out of the unions. If the unions give way, nothing may come out of the management threat. The airlines claimed they are under pressure to cut cost as fuel prices has been soaring, and the threat of terrorism reducing tourism movements and thus passenger loads.

There is of course one additional but seldom mentioned issue - airlines executives want to show more and more profit each succeeding year. Every year Qantas would moan and groan about inefficient union workers and high cost and diminishing business, but at the end of each financial year, would post extraordinary profits again.


  1. Quantas is asking for trouble is Malaysia is selected.

    They mught find a robotic "suicide bomber" in thier serviced planes!

  2. Let's be serious. Qantas planes are serviced all over the world inclduing Indonesia and the Middle East.