Thursday, October 20, 2005

F**Ked to Death by a Horse

Apparently bestiality - that is, f**king with animals as in the recent case of a Kiwi having sex with rabbits - is NOT a crime in Washington state in the USA.

Thus a trucker in Seattle who sneaked into a stud farm with a couple of friends to participate in a sex romp (excuse the pun) with a horse and videotape the act, has not been charged with bestiality but trespassing instead. Furthermore, the law couldn’t charge them with cruelty to the animal because there was no evidence of any harm done to the creature.

You see, the horse was a stallion, and those men got it to f**k one of them. Yes sir, those blokes somehow spurred (excuse the pun again) the stallion to sodomise one of them, who subsequently died of internal injuries. It's so unbelievable that I need to say this again, hopefully more clearly - the stallion bonked one of those guys, and not the other way around where one of them bonked the stallion!

Whoa (sorry with that inadvertent pun again).

And do excuse me while I say ‘yes sir’ a second time because this case is truly bizarre. OK, the stallion f**ked the man, and the f**ked man died of internal juries as a result of that f**king.

BTW, this is not just a blog on the bizarre, because the above paragraph demonstrates English grammar as well, where you can see the underlined word ‘f**ked’ used both as a ‘verb’ (past tense of course) and an ‘adjective’ respectively, and 'f**king' as a 'noun', or to be more precise, a 'gerund'. Don't ever let it be said that KTemoc blogs on nonsensical stuff without any educational value ;-)

Now, what could have cause those internal injuries? Oh, please don't tell or describe the cause to me - yuck, I hate to know.

And it’s not your average sort of bloke. The f**ked-to-death man was an aeroplane engineer, which is not surprising afterall as Seattle is the home of the Boeing Company. He was an employee with Boeing.

Which reminds me of a Seattle news article titled Boeing, Boeing, Gone.

Kiwi Rabbit Fucker

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  1. Yeah, there was another similar case at San Franciso back in July too.