Sunday, October 16, 2005

Deja Vu - US Accusations of Iran's Nuclear Programme

President Bush’s war in Iraq is not going well, and with the American well known short attention and impatience his popularity is plummeting – yes, plummeting, not merely decreasing.

How does one arrest a plummeting popularity which may affect the GOP’s plan for 2008? A new attention-getter (like changing the car models every now and then), say, bash or/and even bomb Iran to divert attention from the quagmire in Iraq.

In other words, revitalise the fear of WMDs among the American public again. There's no better method to herd the public back to your support than to frighten them of new terrors.

This time, after the usual bashing and perhaps even UN endorsement, a few surgical strikes at Iran’s nuclear facilities and hey-ho, Bush and the GOP will be back on the US No 1 spot again.

So with that, US rep to the UN, John Bolton, has launched another tirade and litany of nuclear weapon accusations against Tehran. Indeed it is the same John Bolton who had been a member of the same neo-con team that had lied in their accusation of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq having WMD programme.

Deja vu?

But surely the US can do better this time. Perhaps a new Resolution 1441 with better wordings and an air strike against Iran without involvement of US ground troops?

In other words, a pure and pristine ‘shock & awe’ without the messiness of the inadequate, non-effective and disastrous Rumsfeld doctrine of the so-called highly mobile blitzkrieg-like ground forces?

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