Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Kuwait Finally Dug Deep into Pockets

Either they have heard me, been stung by my sarcasm of their stinginess or feel that Pakistan deserves more money than tsunami victims, whatever, I am glad that Kuwait and UAE have decided to donate US$100 million each to the earthquake stricken Pakistan.

UAE has been the first Gulf nation to send a team of rescuers to Kashmir after the disaster.

While not sneering at Kuwait’s generous donation, I still cannot help but contrast the US$100 million it now promises fairly impoverish Pakistan to the US$500 million it gave to a very rich America for Katrina's damage.

Then, of course there was the shameful initial US$2 million it gave to the entire group of tsunami victims, a sum far less than what formula 1 racing driver Michael Schumacher gave from his personal pockets. Indeed I wonder how Kuwait worked out which country/countries needs or needed more than the other?

Somehow, despite the very generous US$100 million, I cannot help contrasting it with its other two extreme donations, one a humongous US$500 million and at the other end, a shameful misery US$2 million.

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