Monday, October 17, 2005

Chinese Spacecraft Returned - Ayah Pin Involved?

The manned Chinese spacecraft landed safely in Inner Mongolia this morning at around 4:30 am Malaysian time. The two astronauts were seen on television climbing out of their kettle-shaped capsule.

Kettle-shaped? That's Malaysia’s Ayah Pin and his Sky Kingdom’s teapot symbol! Surely it’s more than a coincidence ;-)

The two astronauts are safe and currently under standard medical checkup. Contrary to earlier expectations Zhai Zhigang was not one of those two astronauts. The person who went instead was Fei Junlong, with the other was Nie Haisheng as speculated.

The two who returned after a 70-orbit mission will undoubtedly be, like China’s 1st astronaut Yang Liwei, feted as national heros.

The trip had been more open than the first, with state television actually telecasting live the launch and landing and even the astronauts frolicking in space. The TV audience could see the astronauts setting bits of food floating in zero gravity as I suggested they would ;-)

I wonder whether they used their secret pairs of chopsticks to catch those pieces of food?

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