Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Human Sacrifices to Win Elections

Liberia, that African country supposedly closest to the USA, goes to the poll today. Nothing has been left to chance to ensure each candidate’s success.

Indeed, even human sacrifices have occurred. Oh no, not just the odd sheep or even buffalo, but human sacrificesyeah, homo sapien – to propitiate the Gods had occurred.

This is especially so in the rural areas. The ancient ritual of offering human parts like ... gulppp ... genital organs is called Gboyo.

Imagine Malaysian politicians throwing away the kambing (goat) or peh keah (white rooster) and resorting to someone’s dingaling as a sacrifice to God or the Gods in order to win.

Thank goodness in Malaysia, bribery or coercion are still honoured traditions of ensuring electoral success. If those won’t work, then one can pretend to have a direct line to God himself and offer tickets to Heaven.

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