Monday, October 10, 2005

Malaysia's 'Don't Know' Gang

Bloke is a Malaysian teacher. He questioned why students involved in a school gotong royong (community mutual assistance) project were not fed. Suddenly he’s posted 32 km away from his home when there is a school much nearer.

Could it be that someone didn't like his questioning.

Indeed he claimed so, asserting the transfer had been to ‘fix’ him up. The State Education Department kept mum on the sorry state of his unexplained transfer and didn’t respond to his application and appeals.

Even when the teachers union was enlisted to help his appeal, nothing happened. When queried by the press, guess what did the State Education Director say?

“The matter has gone up to the ministry level. It is beyond me.”

A simple intra-State transfer beyond him, a State Education Director?

Then what the hell is he sitting in that appointment? Does he expect us to believe him that such a simple matter have to go up to the ministry? Bullshit and double bullshit.

Get this folks - We are now living with a government where the standard answer from people who ought to be responsible for their portfolios seems to be a convenient “don’t know”.

We already had the Higher Education Minister saying that, followed by the Deputy IGP, and now we have the Kedah State Education Director.

How the hell have they been allowed to get away with such non-accountability? The Prime Minister should answer if his underlings are incapable of doing so.

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