Sunday, October 23, 2005

US Marines used pages of al Quran to Shine Boots

Bloke is a Bahrain Arab caught in Pakistan for suspected terrorism. The Pakis handed Juma al Dossari over to the Americans (better give Uncle Sam someone instead of a Paki).

In Kandahar, Afghanistan, the US interrogators tortured him - kicking, hitting, burning him with cigarette stubs and hot tea, walking over him, making him walk over barbwire and broken glasses, you name it they did it.

Then they desecrated the Quran. He saw Marines using pages of the holy book to shine their boots, and that they threw copies of the Quran on the floor, and interrupted or even mock-mimicked his praying.

Then, something gross occurred. He was stripped naked and a US female interrogator stood over him and smeared him with her menstrual blood.

They took him to Guantanamo and apart from drabbing draping the US and Israeli flags on him to humiliate him, made him watch a couple bonking away on a table, then asked him whether he wanted to have a go, provided he identified a few blokes in a photo for them. The torture in Guantanamo went on, both physical and mental.

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