Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rumsfeld Needs a Magic Mirror

Donald Rumsfeld, US Secretary of Defence, will be visiting China. He aims to ask China why the Asian country has been investing in a military buildup when she faces no enemy? Rumsfeld's Pentagon reckons that China’s military budget is the 3rd largest in the world, right behind the USA and Russia.

Can we all see the blinkered irony of Rumsfeld’s concerns? Don’t get me wrong for I am sure Rumsfeld is genuinely concerned.

But ponder for one second on this admittance by the USA: The USA has the LARGEST military budget in the world, by its own admittance, and it tells the world it worries that China is now 3rd in big spending right behind the USA and Russia.

Can anyone see the incongruity of Rumsfeld's question? What does the USA want China to be in terms of military spending?

127th in the world?

But wait, there's more comparison, or more correctly, contrast. The USA has the largest armada in the world with 12 mighty aircraft carriers in operations, each carrying an air fleet of warplanes and cruise missiles including nuclear warheads. China has none. The USA has 7 over thousand sophisticated nuclear armed ICBMs compared to China's less-than-a-hundred crude ones (and about 700 short range version).

The USA has the most exotic ultra-modern satellite network for communications, intelligence and weapons guidance among all big powers, while China has zilch. The US Navy has an armada of nuclear powered submarines with batteries of intercontinental nuclear missile while China again has none.

As an indication of its future aggressive intent, the USA wants to abandon the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) because it plans to develop tactical N-weapons with the capacity to nuke deep bunkers, like those in Iran, while China has no wish to depart from the terms of the NPT.

Everyone in the world knows that the USA today is the most (and only) belligerent of all big powers, with its military occupying foreign nations. Nelson Mandela calls the USA under President Bush the most dangerous nation in the world.

Yet the USA still wants to restrict, control and question China on the latter’s military spending. Indeed, the USA asked China as to why the East Asian nation wants such a hugh military budget when it has no known enemy?

Mr Secretary, have you ever consider that the USA and its ally Japan are the most dangerous threats to China? The USA has already shown its bellicose nature in Vietnam, Balkans, Carribean nations, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. The Americans have on several occasions identified China as its greatest future opponent.

Its ally Japan is well known throughout East Asia for the barbarism of its military during the last war, and it has recently identified China as its principal threat.

Why then shouldn’t the Chinese consider in return rich and powerful USA and Japan as its two most ominous threats?

Yes, Mr Secretary, the question you ought to ask should be:

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who's the most belligerent of them all?

China's 700 missiles vs USA 7,000 missiles

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