Monday, October 10, 2005

Poor Little Rich Girl

Tamara Platash, just sweet 18, was a student at the Sherborne School for Girls in Dorset, an English girls' boarding school. The boarding costs 20,000 pounds a year – that’s about RM 150,000. Never mind the cost but she took her A-levels (HSC) this year, and has been described by her school as a bright girl who had never given them any cause for concern.

Indeed not, as she had always paid her bill right smack on time. And why wouldn’t she as she had 300,000 pounds or approx. RM 2 million in her bank account.

She is of course Russian, which makes British police suspect her of being at the centre of a Russian Mafia money-laundering operation. What had caught their attention was when Platash tried to transfer 200,000 pounds to an account in China.

The jealous … eh … I mean alert bank informed the police. The transfer was blocked and she hauled in for investigation. Her mum wasn’t spared too when the elder Platash dropped into Britain to attend her daughter’s end-of-term prize-giving ceremony.

However, fortunately for the Platash, the Crown Prosecution Service ruled there was insufficient evidence to prosecute the women, who were released without charge. But the Brits held on to the cash. They are attempting to consficate it, having run low on cash in their treasury since the Iraq war.

OK, usual KTemoc ha ha re the last part about Brit treasury running low on cash. ;-) but I do wonder if the authorities don’t have evidence to prosecute them, how could the assets be frozen up?

Any young Malaysian buck looking for a Russian girlfriend? Tamara needs consoling after that traumatic experinece. Hey, don't scoff, she may look Maria Sharopova and boy, she's loaded.


  1. Tamara might look even better that Maria Sharapova, but what makes you think she is interested in BOYS???

  2. omg I know that girl!!! She's from my high school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *in a state of shock*