Monday, October 17, 2005

No Civilian Killed, Only Suspected Insurgents

From US Military HQs, Iraq:

70 suspected militants in the western Iraqi city of Ramadi have been killed by US precision air strikes. This comprised 20 militants killed by a precision bomb dropped on them, and 50 other suspected insurgents killed by heli gunships, F-18 fighter-bombers and ground troops. There was no report of any US or civilian casualties in the operation.

From Ramadi Hospital:

Dr Bassem al-Dulaimi reported that he received 25 civilian dead and eight wounded, accompanied by relatives who informed him that the victims were hit in aerial bombardments.

Additional Report - an Update

The 20 or so blokes who were killed by the precision bomb were two dozen curious onlookers who had gathered round an American vehicle destroyed a day earlier. They died for their curiousity while the American pilot returned safely to report that he had extracted retribution - on suspected insurgents. All in all, 39 innocent civilians were slaughtered by US air strikes.

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