Tuesday, October 18, 2005

British-American WMDs found in North Korea

British-American WMDs have been found in North Korea.

Those Wicked Murderous Drugs (WMDs) are part of the British American Tobacco (BAT) secret investment in North Korea. BAT happens to be the world's second-largest cigarette company. It has been covertly operating a cigarette producing factory in Kim’s North Korea for the past four years.

The factory produces 2 billion cigarettes a year meant for the Chinese market, though BAT denies that, stating that the production is solely for Korean consumption. Hmmm, do ordinary Korean have money to pay for foreign cigrettes?

BAT has conducted the same filthy investment in repressive Burma before it was forced to pull out by human rights campaigner and the British government. The anti-smoking group ASH said:

"It seems that there is no regime so awful and no country so repressive that BAT does not want to do business there."

One of BAT's own public relations officers in Japan was so flabbergasted about his own company's venture in North Korea, that he uttered:

"Business with North Korea? Where there are no human rights?"

What can we expect from these merchants of death?

And China better watch out. BAT’s WMDs will kill more Chinese than any US N-weapon.

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