Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Johore Royal Rumble - Gatecrashed Party & Bashed Foreigners

A certain member or members of the Johore royalty have been arrested for gate crashing a private party and bashing up the foreign guests.

A Brazilian couple had invited a hundred guests to their lavish wedding reception held at the southern Malaysian island holiday resort of Rawa. The guests were from Australia, Europe, South America and Singapore.

After gate crashing the party a member of the royalty asked a woman for a dance but she refused. At that point things went rather ugly with the Johore ‘royal’ ordering everyone to leave the resort. Naturally the attendees refused.

A fight broke out (guess who started it) and the Johoreans used golf clubs and sharp objects to bash the party people, injuring several of them. Those injured are now hospitalised which means the brawl must be fairly serious.

A Johorean royalty and 3 of his members have been arrested by police, who refused to provide names or details other than to confirm that a member of the local royalty has been apprehended.

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  1. A total disgrace to the religion, race and country.