Monday, October 10, 2005

Entire Generation Wiped Out

This is the saddest news I have heard from the Paki-Kashmir earthquake disaster. It has been reported by the Paki army that an entire generation has been wiped out in some of the worst hit areas.

I heard on TV that in one area, 400 schoolgirls had all perished. Many other towns and villages suffered schoolchildren being lost in collapsed school buildings. Unfortunately the quake struck at the beginning of the school day.

Then the sorrow deepens as rescuers pulling out dead children in Muzaffarabad found that there was no one to claim their corpses because the parents were all killed too.

The injured and still-trapped are in great peril from weather conditions as the temperature drops down to freezing conditions during the night.

Magnificently, rescue teams including mobile hospital units from all over the world have arrived and immediately put to work. Among them are teams from Spain, France, Britain, Turkey, Japan, China, Iran and the only Gulf nation, United Arab Emirates.

Again I saw on TV this evening a sombre President Bush promising to send US helicopters and supplies there.

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