Friday, October 07, 2005

Kid named after a Swear Word!

Remember what I said about being careful of what we do or say when around kids in my earlier posting Was Lilith a Virgin?

Now, in the English speaking world, some blasphemous bastards like yours truly ;-) would exclaim without much thought words like ‘Jeez’, ‘Jesus’, ‘Bejezeez’, ‘Christ’, 'Christ Almighty' and so on with the many variations of you-know-who’s name.

Well, one British kid was heard to have asked his parents why the Holy Virgin Mary and Joseph named their child after a swear word.

His query has prompted a Christian charity to raise nearly half a million Aussie dollars to make a 30-minute animated film titled ‘It's a Boy’ to tell the story of Jesus. Devoted Christian Cliff Richard provides the music. All British primary schools will receive a free copy and a teaching pack, with a stern note to avoid blokes like KTemoc [OK, last bit is the usual KTemoc-ish haha ;-) ].

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