Sunday, October 16, 2005

Thai Muslim Separatists on Charges

Last week Thailand’s court in Bangkok saw 8 Islamic teachers put on trial. The 8 accused were from the southern provinces where a predominantly Muslim population has been asserting their independence from a Buddhist Thai government.

The courts were told by the prosecution that the 8 accused belonging to the separatist group BRN Coordinate, were teaching their followers to believe their race is Melayu, their religion is Islam and their motherland is Pattani and that they must fight for the liberation and independence of Pattani.

Well, there is no doubt that their religion is Islam but the rest would certainly sound like treason to Bangkok. As blogged earlier today they slaughtered a Buddhist monk and burned a Buddhist temple, which won’t look good on their independence movement resume. By conducting those unjustified atrocities, they have degenerated from insurgents into racist/religious criminals.

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