Saturday, October 08, 2005

Blair & Bush War Criminals?

Nazi Germany under Hitler had lusted for land to expand in order to accommodate the growing German empire. It was an expansionist policy termed lebensraum (living space).

stated that lebensraum “... was similar to the American philosophy of Manifest Destiny and the Israeli settlements policy.

The former was the American rationale for pushing westward and gobbling up the natives' land and in the avaricious aggresive process decimating the American natives, while the latter uses superior military prowess to brutally rob the Palestinian of their land.

Basically it was greed satisfied by aggressive robbing, using the state's political and military power.

In an address to the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, Scott Ritter, a former US marine and UN WMD inspector, has compared Tony Blair and George Bush with the Nazi war criminals who criminally initiated WWII by invading Poland.

Ritter had previously denounced the Anglo-American intent to invade Iraq because he knew there was no WMD there. He declared that the US and Britain had perpetrated the same aggressive warfare in Iraq, like what Nazi Germany did in Europe 66 years ago.

He suggested that
Blair and Bush should be tried as war criminals, just the same way the US and Britain had tried German Nazis in 1946 for doing what these two have just done by illegally invading Iraq.

Much as I agree with him, I don't believe there is a ghost of a chance of that ever happening, as history has taught us that only losers paid the price for criminal acts.

Ritter said that he had provided a report on the termination of Saddam Hussein’s missile programme as far back as 1992. But the USA had all along wanted to move into Iraq, regardless of whether the WMD was there or not.

Ritter also gave the lowdown on the so-called Anglo-American special relationship. He averred that Britain in the eyes of the US was nothing more than a ‘disregarded mistress', where intelligence sharing was a one-way traffic, flowing from Britain to the USA.

He added sarcastically that "Britain gets nothing, other than to say they are America's closest ally in Europe."

KTemoc recalls that the USA has always had grave suspicion of Britain’s dodgy and leaky intelligence setup, with many of its top leaders and operators being actually Soviet agents and sympathisers during the Cold War - like the
Cambridge Five which included people like Kim Philby, Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt (the 5th was never known).

But then, the Brits, and in some ways the Aussies, have always fantasized they have a special relationship with their so-called ‘cousins’. In many ways, their fantasy is similar to the once-Malaysian optimistic fantasy, which was that Malaysia had a special relationship with taikoh Indonesia.

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