Thursday, October 13, 2005

Kiwi Rabbit Fucker

Brendan Francis McMahon, a New Zealander charged for bestiality, meaning he fucked animals, or more specifically nice furry rabbits, has been photographed by the press – see picture of the alleged rabbit-fucker here.

He has also been charged for cruelty to animals, like cutting off the rabbit ears, skinning them alive and crushing their skulls. I thought fucking those creatures was cruel enough.

Aussies are having a great laugh out of this cruel and unusual case because their favourite insult of New Zealanders, even though meant only as a friendly joke, has been that Kiwis are sheep-fuckers. Given this real life case, they may rethink that nomination of the sheep as the Kiwi's bonking partner may have set the standards for their trans-Tasman neighbours a wee ‘too high’ ;-)

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  1. Oh Gos... thats so disgusting. I feel like puking! Poor animals...!