Sunday, October 23, 2005

Two Beautiful Aussies in Bali - The Story Continues

In my previous post A Tale of Two Beautiful Women I contrasted the situations faced by two Aussie women caught with drugs in Bali. One has already been convicted and handed a 20 year imprisonment while the other is just about to face trial.

Read this to see the superb battle plan and campaign subtly escalated for the 2nd one.

By contrast to Michelle Leslie's smooth purring legal conduct and campaign (like a Rolls-Royce car which the millionaire boyfriend probably might have), Schapelle Corby's case was a circus and comedy of errors all rolled into one, and then hijacked by unscrupulous people including some unhelpful press frenzy. See a selection of my many postings on her case (sequence of blogging from bottom to top of lists):

(1) Schapelle Corby Defence - Asking for a Miracle
(2) Schapelle Corby On-Off-On Defence Team
(3) Schapelle Corby Sacked Defence Team
(4) Schapelle Corby Defence - The Circus Continues
(5) Schapelle Corby Surrounded by Vultures, Vampires & Ghouls
(6) Schapelle Corby Story - Her Defence Must Stop Showbiz Antics
(7) Schapelle Corby Story - Appeal Grounds a Dog Breakfast?
(8) Schapelle Corby - Transcendent grace, careful styling, stunning good looks
(9) Schapelle Corby Story - Vengeance of The Trojans?
(10) Schapelle Corby Story - Australia Now on Trial!
(11) Schapelle Corby Story - The Sad Truth of Aussie Support
(12) Schapelle Corby Story - Forget Helen, Just Destroy Troy!
(13) Schapelle Corby Story - The Poisonous Support!
(14) Australian Rednecks Jeopardise the Corby Case
(15) Schapelle Corby Case - Hell Paved with Good Intentions
(16) Schapelle Corby - A Study in Unhelpful Media Frenzy

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