Sunday, October 09, 2005

More on Bush's Chitchat with God

Since the former Palestinian Foreign Minister Nabil Shaath revealed that in a conversation among President Bush, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and himself, Bush told them he was instructed by God to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, the proverbial has hit the Middle-East fan. [read my earlier post What God Told Bush]

Furious press editorials have come out from countries representing some of the USA's closest allies. Here are just 3 selected examples:

From Saudi Arabia's Al-Jazirah:

The statements attributed to US President Bush on God's message to fight terrorists in Afghanistan and end the tyranny in Iraq ... indicate that America is striving to practise a series of firm ideological principles, even if this is a major source of detriment to US interests and the interests of the Middle East ... The fallacy of Bush's ideology lies in the fact that Bush thinks it is America's right to decide people's fate.

Note the last succinct sentence! That's precisely the heart of America's foreign relations problem, particularly more pronounced under Bush.

Then the following one, from pan-Arab Al-Quds Al-Arabi, which dismisses Bush with great disdain:

US President Bush told his Palestinian guests that he was driven with a mission from God ... Had those statements come from an ordinary person, he would have been arrested straight away and taken to a lunatic asylum for treatment ... Such statements cannot be made by someone who is mentally sound.

And finally one with sarcasm about the fruits of the American illegal invasion of Iraq, from Saudi Arabia's Al-Watan:

Bush might have been right about the expansion of the base of the terrorist network to span from Spain to Indonesia. This corresponds with reality and the statements of the Indonesian investigator about indications the Bali bombers belonged to a new generation of terrorists. After four years of war on terrorism and two consecutive wars that Bush dragged the world into, here we are reaping the benefits of these efforts represented in a new generation of terrorists.


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