Monday, October 17, 2005

Ganging up on the Kurds

There are 27 million Kurds divided among 4 nations, namely Iraq, Syria, Ian and Turkey. None of these 4 wants to see any Independent Kurdish State as it would give secessionist ideas to their own Kurdish minority.

The Kurds were played out by the Anglo-French-American powers immediately after WWI, when promise of an independent homeland for them was forgotten or ignored. Then after the 1st Gulf War, principally for their own interests, the Anglo-Americans employed their air power to enforce an air curfew against Saddam's military, indirectly shielding a Kurdish province in northern Iraq where the Kurds enjoyed respite from Saddam’s persecution, grew stronger and started to assert their independence.

Now, Syria, Turkey and Iran, apart from the Arabs in Iraq are worried about a nascent independent Kurdish movement in Iraq which they know has been promoted by the USA (and Israel) for American (and Israeli) interests.

It is going to be a fairly complicated situation for the Americans as its long time ally Turkey swings into action against any Kurdish independence. I predict they will once again abandon the Kurds in favour of the Turks who have ambitions in oil-rich northern Iraq and also concerns for their Turkish kinfolk there. Any Turkish move against Iraqi Kurds will be most welcomed by the Syrians, Iranians and Iraqi Arabs. Undoubtedly these 4 will be pooling intelligence on Kurdish separatist activities.

With such a common bloc against the Kurds I feel terribly sorry for them as they would once again face disappointment. Some nations are never meant to exist.

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