Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Who unleashed UMNO Youth mob?

Remember UMNO Youth and their 69 metres keris Sang Panca Ancam, which I highlighted in 50 UMNO Youths Threatened MCA MP!?

I wonder whether they have ever cleansed the keris with kemenyan (incense) and limau kasturi (lemon) juice, since they have always been defiling it with the most ignoble employment.

If they aren't too respectful, the keris may yet take on an ominous 'presence' like the unfinished keris of Mpu Gandring, with the sorry fate for its owner.

On the mob's threat to Loh, the following have been some readers’ comments to Malaysiakini.

“I find UMNO Youth to be the great perpetrator of race-based politics. If there is any danger of disharmony - it would most probably be caused by these goons. It's time the UMNO seniors clipped their wings.”

Nary a word from the PM or DPM! [or anything in the NST or The Star].

“Imagine, if things don't change, one of these goons would be the future prime minister of this country. I fear for my children.”

Mate, I am scared too.

“The characteristic of UMNO being arrogant and racial is proven once again in this event. If Parliament is not the avenue to voice that which concern the rakyat's well-being as a MP; then may I ask where is the proper channel? Malaysia has become an enemy of herself in this denial mode and is afraid of her own shadow.”

‘Cause there’s too many things to hide.

“It's not news that UMNO Youth will resort to gangsterism to advance their narrow interests. It has also been proven time and again that criminal conducts including physical violence carried out by these gangsters will not be punished. No surprise also that these people are the one that are loudest in their opposition to formation of an IPCMC for some consider the Royal Malaysian Police to belong to them.”

One thing’s for sure – UMNO Youth don’t act unless they have been unleashed by higher ups, just as they were in the Aptet II disgrace.

Who then had been the secret handler in the case against Loh?

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