Sunday, March 26, 2006

Police arrested PAS leader & his 6-year old daughter!

Malaysiakini reported that 25 people had been arrested today at the Petronas Twin Towers for refusing to disperse at a rally, which was organised to protest against the increase in petrol prices.

The 1500 protestors were made up mainly of the country’s workers unions (led by MTUC leaders) and PAS and PKR members.

Among those arrested were PAS central committee member Dr Hatta Ramli and his two daughters, one of whom was only 6-years old.

I like to know why Dr Hatta took the little girl to a protest rally when it’s known that the police would stop it, even with water cannon. While I respect his rights to protest I deplore his irresponsibility in taking his little daughter along with him and thus subjecting her to an unpleasant experience.

I just hope he took her along because he failed to recognize the danger for her. I would be very very annoyed if he had deliberately taken her along because either he wanted to up the ante by making his daughter a protest symbol against police suppression of the rally, or he thought his young daughter could be a tangkai (amulet) against police arrest.

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  1. aiyah, ali, you've become cynical lah, just like KTemoc and a million other Malaysians ;-)