Monday, March 06, 2006

Rela-gate - we want some answers!

Last month Rela personnel abused 23 bachelors living in a house in Shah Alam. The little Napoleons from Rela decided on summary punishment by forcing those bachelors to ‘duck walk’ just because a neighbour complained they were making too much noise. Deputy Home Minister Tan Chai Ho said the Rela personnel would attend a human rights course, just like the Police IGP thinks his officers ought to. Is this the new official answer for complaints of brutalities by government uniformed officers?

Well, whatever human rights course those Rela people had attended, it hasn't help much, because they went and bashed up several Indian nationals.

We still haven’t heard anything from the authorities about the Rela-gate affair, as I blogged in Rela-gate! Do we have Warlords? In that incident, we learnt from Malaysiakini that Rela personnel beat the hell out of some Indian nationals, right in front of the Indian High Commission.

Those Indian nationals were contracted as authorised workers but left their jobs because they received no payment and the employer(s) breached contractual agreements. They had gone to the Indian Hi-Comm to ask for help. The Rela thugs came after them and thrashed them into kingdom come. And for what, we certainly would like to know!

The beatings were so severe that some of those unfortunate migrant workers suffered broken bones. Furthermore, to add insult to the injuries, they were carted off to detention centres even though they have work visas.

What the hell is going on?

But until we hear from our government, that is, should it ever condescend to provide a full explanation, read this in the meantime.

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