Monday, March 20, 2006

British Datukship for sale

We sneer with disgust at our scandalous Datukship-for-sale racket. But read this to see how the Brits suffer from the same disgraceful misuse of state honours. Their press call it the loans for peerages affair.

It seems that Tony Blair, the British PM, had personally authorised £14 million worth of loans to the Labour Party by secret benefactors. Coincidentally, some of those secret benefactors were subsequently nominated for peerages.

Maybe our political parties learnt that from our former colonial masters?

I envisage a Brit saying "My Lord, your cheque bounced. You're now back to Mister."


  1. I HATE that term colonial masters. It's used too often, it's wearing out. Why the hell are people still so in awe of these white people?

    Some modernization and improvement did take place, but the unmentioned subtext was that it all the more better to subdue the local population from objecting, and channel wealth back to their home country.

    The proper term should be colonial oppressors. Or colonialists.

    After 50 years, can we please leave out this master-slave/servant CRAP.

  2. aw, you may not believe me but let me tell you when I came to the use of that word, I pondered for a while on whether I should use it. Today we may take umbrage at such a term but the reality is in those days thta's what those colonialists were, orang TUAN putih. We've got rid of them but why hide the fact they acted as 'masters'. We should be reminded of this so we must never allow ourselves to be so enslaved again thro' colonialism.