Wednesday, March 29, 2006

50 UMNO Youths Threatened MCA MP!

Loh Seng Kok has been the MCA MP warned by UMNO and PAS! for criticising our ‘imbalanced’ history textbooks, new prayer recital guidelines and the problems faced by non-Muslims with regards to places of worship, during a recent parliamentary session.

I blogged that after Loh finished his coverage of the other two issues, he was warned by both an UMNO and a PAS MP. He was told not to thread on ‘dangerous grounds’.

Well, that’s was not the end of the matter because 6 days later, a mob of 50 UMNO Youth members, led by Kelana Jaya division chief Abdul Halim Samad, paid him a surprise visit. Abdul Halim handed him a letter and told him ominously, “We don’t want to hear any explanation now; this is our letter, you read and answer it!”

Loh was warned that UMNO Youth would ‘take action’ if he failed to respond to the letter within a number of days. Some in the group had brought along video cameras to record the brief meeting.

The Kelana Jaya division claimed Loh had hurt the feelings of those sensitive touchy feely UMNO Youth members. They reminded Loh that the majority of voters in his Kelana Jaya parliamentary constituency are Malays. Aha! Here's a chance for PKR in next general election.

Abdul Halim confirmed to Malaysiakini that he had given Loh a protest letter but declined to comment on the contents. When asked whether he had gone to Loh’s office to teach the MP a lesson, he declined to comment, saying that it was a sensitive matter. [meaning it was 'yes'?]

I wonder whether they took along the 50-foot keris Sang Panca Ancam?

Perhaps PAS Youth could be next to visit Loh?


  1. 1) What childish THUGGERY is this?!

    Are we not supposed to be a modern democracy where ideas are debated in Parliament, not through cowardly intimidation by bringing your gang with you?

    2) These people are treading on dangerous grounds!!! They are insulting the Hindus, the Christians, the Buddhists. This is hurting our feelings AND our sense of being safe in this country.

    Does Islam really condone acts of *terrorizing* one man, like this?

    This just makes me further believe that this so-called Islam is full of violent, selfish people.

  2. I have commented on this train of thoughts before. May I just say again, that we cannot equate Islam to the behaviour of such people.

    Furthermore, UMNO is a Malay nationalist party, unlike PAS which lays claim as an Islamic political party. UMNO is about Malay rights and interests.

    I know in Malaysia it's difficult at time to separate a Malay from a Muslim, but regardless of this difficulty we still cannot allege that UMNO Youth's thuggist behaviour mirrors the teachings of Islam, or that Islam is full of violent, selfish people.

    If you look at the posting just before this one, can we then say all Jews are like Ovadia Yosef, raving black-hearted looney racist fanatics? Before someone rushes in to say 'yes', let me quickly say the right thing of "of course not!" ;-)

  3. Frankly, I don't care if those UMNO people are Malay or Muslim or Jews or Nazis. Its wrong, just wrong. What they have done is not free speech, its harrassment and a misdemenour. Their warning has an intent to commit a criminal act and hence they should be watched.

  4. Alah, next general election you people still vote for the so called thugs! Gimme a break lah! Pi mai pi mai tang tu jugak...