Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Commonwealth Games end with Hide & Seek

If the Commonwealth Games started with Breasts Groping! then the Games end with Hide & Seek as 6 athletes from Sierra Leone ran off to hide, refusing to return to their country. The Aussie authorities found them in Sydney at a refugee safe house.

3 of them, Isha Conteh, Sarah Turay and Marion Bangura, are teenage girls. They claimed that they will be forced to undergo female circumcision if they were to go home. Conteh mentioned that her sister bled to death 3 weeks ago after the circumcision went all wrong.

Another, a bloke, Hassan Fullah said that he feared being killed because his uncle was a rebel. He claimed to have been beaten and his 12-year-old brother killed in an attack shortly before he left to compete in the Games.

Hmmm, all had relatives killed. Anyway, they were granted bridging visas, until their cases are assessed on merits for longer term visas.

In the meantime, another 8 Sierra Leoneans, 9 Cameroon athletes, a Tanzanian boxer and a Bangladeshi runner are also listed as missing. The next event is Telling Tall Tales!

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