Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bloody Lazy, Greedy, Untrustworthy Malaysians!

There is an interesting survey conducted by The independent Merdeka Center for Opinion Research on Malaysian ethnic perceptions. It used a sampling of 1,113 people. Part of the findings are:

. 46% says ethnicity is important in voting
. 50% don’t trust other races
. 55% blame politicians for racial problem
. 70% would help their ethnic group first
. 90% are proud to be Malaysians
. 92% enjoy Malaysia’s multiracial nature

My respective comments:

Does this mean that UMNO, MCA and MIC are guaranteed at least 46% support from Malaysians?

The second is good news because, as Malays constitute at least 60+%, that means some Malaysians do trust other races ;-)

I’m disappointed at the 3rd finding! Those people polled are too kind to the conduct of many of our pollies.

But certainly not at the top! Interestingly from my personal experience, some years ago, an UKM academician told me that’s the precise reason [helping own ethnic group first] why Chinese business people could obtain bank loans more easily than Malay ones. When I replied that most banks were owned by Malay controlled concerns, he reflected for a while before providing me with a new reason, namely that while the banks might have been controlled by Malays, most of the managers and bank officials were mainly Chinese.

Last 2 findings are good for our ears! Let’s focus on these joys and nurture them.

But before I finish I want to highlight a more unhappy finding, that of ethnic prejudice. Of the 1000 over people polled, the consensus has been that most Malays are lazy, Chinese are greedy and Indians are untrustworthy.

But if we break it down further, the details, while undoubtedly reeking of undesirable prejudice, don’t look all that bad. The survey said:

. 58% of Malays, 63% of Chinese and 43% of Indians agreed most Malays are lazy.
. 71% of Malays, 60% of Chinese and 47% of Indians agreed most Chinese are greedy.
. 64% of Malays, 58% of Chinese and 20% of Indians agreed most Indians cannot be trusted.

So the prejudiced views aren’t only from different groups. The Malays and Chinese seemed to be quite critical of their own ethnic groups while only 20% of Indians believed their own kinfolk can’t be trusted. Mind you, they appeared more restrained than the Malays and Chinese in commenting on other ethnic groups.

We’ll discuss more later.


  1. I'm quite concerned that 42% of the 90% who said they are proud to be Malaysian see themselves as belonging to their own ethnic group first and foremost. Although I suppose that's to be expected...

  2. Well, the truth is that there is definitely no multi-racial society in Malaysia where all races live peacefully, and in harmony. It's a matter of give-and-take and tolerating to each other. That's all. I'm not a racist. It's just the fact. Dr. M also said this in his book, Malay Dilemma.

  3. 70% would help their ethnic group first

    businessmen aren't good example to highlight this issue. chinese businessmen usually belong to chinese trade organizations that are often larger, better organized and networked, more resourceful, and has a long history, compared to other ethnics' trade societies. this factor alone makes them more successful.