Wednesday, March 15, 2006

No to Handsome Bangladeshis! Yes to Ugly Ones?

Home Affairs Minister Radzi said Bangladeshis, who pose as students to sneak into Malaysia for work here, were once banned entry because they looked like Bollywood heartthrobs with blue eyes.

Banglas with blue eyes? Has he mistaken the Pakis for them?

Anyway, he had to ban them from coming to work in Malaysia because Malaysian women fell for their good looks, which to him would be a hugh social problem. Why?



  1. haha. u mean, there is a possibility of an asian to have blue eyes? wow. i called it Mystery of the Orient.

    its true. malaysian women fall for men with that kind of look. i've read about it a lot in my mum's women magazine. then again, the same thing should be applied to Indonesian women. there are malaysian men who'd have affair with their indonesian maid.

  2. cheng sim,
    There are plenty in india/pakistan with blue, grey and even green eyes. The many shades in-between these colours exist as well.

    You're right about M'sian men and their or their neighbour's maids. So why the double standards.

    Reminds me of the stories about the workers from China who apparently are only out to steal local husbands from their wives. This was conveniently raised during the height of the infamous "squatgate" video issue.

    In fact, this happens the world over with imported labour. But here, I guess it is a blow to the ego of the local males that their women could so easily fall for the more macho foreigner labourers.

  3. peter is correct - many northern Asians - Pakis, Afghans, Indians, and even NW Chinese - have those coloured eyes inherited from Maecedonian genes when Alexandar came to this part of the world.

  4. i know many bangladeshis with grey and green eyes nd hazel eyes...and bangladesh is also an ethnic country mixed with arabs,persians,portugese,dravidians,chinese,mongoloids,indians etc