Friday, March 10, 2006

Home Ministry sets Rela hounds on traders!

Sin Chew reported that Deputy Home Affairs Minister Tan Chai Ho said around 330,000 Rela members will be coopted into the role of monitoring prices of goods to nab traders who raise prices indiscriminately.

Considering that some of Rela members had shown they are quite capable of behaving like thugs in forcing innocent people to perform extrajudicial punishment like 'duck walking' or beating the bone-breaking hell out of innocent Indian nationals, may I ask what training will these Rela people receive to ensure they know what they ought to be doing?

I bet you, none whatsoever. It's nothing more than a ministry PR gimmick in an attempt to ameliorate people's anger over the fuel price increase. The only problem is that those 330,000 Rela people, some of whom will be highly zealous, will be out 'hunting' for errant traders.

In the meanwhile Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry parliamentary secretary Hoo Seong Chang said that traders could raise the prices of their items, but that the increase must be reasonable.

Between these two announcements, can anyone see the potential for a number of traders being bashed and dragged into cells [or made to perform the 'duck walk'] by those little Napoleons, even if the traders raise the prices by a reasonable amount?

It seems the government is constantly misusing its uniformed people for jobs they aren’t trained and thus not fit to perform. Remember the start of the Youth National Service debacle?

And using Rela personnel after they had two notorious and yet unresolved scandals is really asking for trouble, and bespeaks the total irresponsibility of the Deputy Home Affairs Minister - all for the purpose of PR damage control on the government’s fuel price increase!

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