Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Thaksin Shinawatra Stepping Down?

It seems that the rather vociferous public protests against Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra may have taken bite, as the No 1 politician has finally said he would consider temporarily stepping down as Thailand's prime minister.

I suspect a royal hand behind the change of Thaksin’s mind. The King of Thailand has enormous influence on the public and thus political matters as he is very much revered by the Thai people.

Mind you, Thaksin mentioned stepping down only ‘momentarily’, and did not elaborate on when, and for how long, he might step down.

Thaksin may be unpopular in Bangkok but in reality he’s quite popular among the rural folks.

I suspect the King must have not like what he saw happening in the capital and have advised Thaksin to step down until tempers have cooled.


  1. hmm. i was made to memorised Thaksin Shinawatra's name for an ASEAN quiz. thats what draws me here.

    i don't read newspaper. so, i guess i got a little inside on politics after reading this particular entry.

    then again, i don't think Thaksin should take the whole vociferous public protest as a reason to step down. this is what politics is all about. just because he got 'challenged' at some point, doesn't mean he has to back out even for momentarily.

  2. He may not yet but he's playing around or shall we say, playing politics. I suspect that the King may have spoken to him so he may be under a bit of royal hint not so much as to withdraw completely but perhaps to disappear for a while to let tempers in Bangkok cool down. Thaksin continues to be popular with the rural areas.